Skill Builder Teaches Importance of Advisors

sean.obrien and sean.obrien

Students have the opportunity to represent their organizations and learn the role and use of an adviser in their student organizations at the upcoming Skill Builder “What Your Adviser Can Do For You and For Your Organization.”

This Skill Builder is being led by Lina Blair, Gant Hall’s resident director. Blair advises organizations such as Gant Hall Government and Primetime Entertainment.

“Advisers are an under-utilized resource and students can get to use advisers but they need to know their role and that they aren’t workhorses,” said Blair.

She encourages students to pick advisers that care about their organization and to work with them. Normally they are university staff and understand the college’s policy and what is possible for their organization to do, she said.

Advisers, if used correctly, can cultivate individual leadership skills but students shouldn’t expect the adviser to take their hand and lead them, she added.

This Skill Builder covers ways to utilize advisers and much more. Lina urges students to sign up and she is hopeful that the 25-person slot will fill up, and she said she will be even happier if it overflows.

Students who are interested should sign up in the Student Activity Office or call 227-1771.

The Skill Builder will be held on Monday, Oct. 1. It is free to attend and will be held in the Back Room of the University Center.