Louis XIV’s solid album may provide longevity

NW Staff

Louis XIV was once the king of France, who took the throne at age four. During his 72 year reign, he won the Franco-Dutch war, married twice and fathered numerous illegitimate children. He outlived all of his children and grandchildren, and upon his death his throne was taken by his five-year-old great-grandson.
Louis XIV was an unpopular monarch, but he united the French people like never before. Four hundred years later, a garage rock band pays commemoration to the longest reigning king of any European country.
The group’s first album, 2005’s “The Best Little Secrets Are Kept,” made it to 159 on the Billboard 200 and featured a single that hit number 28 on the modern rock chart. They’re respectable numbers for a band in a country whose national hatred for the French has led them to change the name of “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries.”
“Slick Dogs and Ponies” continues Louis XIV’s reputation of writing songs with sexual and creepy lyrics in a very garage rock vein. The production quality on this album is key, sounding flawless from beginning to end. There is a strange aura caused by string instruments and drums ran through a bit of distortion that gives “Slick Dogs .” an airy feeling. However, that airy feeling is more like a hurricane than a slight breeze. Guitar solos litter the album as well.
Louis XIV know what they’re doing, and sound like they’re having fun while they’re at it. If they keep making albums like this, they might just be around for as long as their namesake.
For Fans of: mewithoutYou, Hot Hot Heat or The Strokes

— Radio X staff