Letter: Coulter still divisive

NW Staff

I honestly am not interested in playing editorial ping-pong, and I do understand and cherish the principles of free speech. But there is another principle we need to honor as well.

Free speech is not exactly free when it incites hatefulness, intolerance and possibly violence. I have no problem or issues with opposing views, but am concerned when some hide behind a sacred principle like free speech when their agenda is promoting hatred and intolerance. Our airwaves are already loaded with similar messages from similar “shock jocks.” Equally true is that we have many who can represent what Ms. Coulter is supposed to represent (a conservative Republican view) with far more integrity and much more respect for what free speech is meant to be. I wonder if my colleague would also consider some of the most vile and hate-filled comments she makes against Jews, gays, victims of Sept. 11 carnage, etc. if he belonged to any of these populations. I do respect Mr. Robyns’ efforts to promote peace and justice, but I feel that his recent letter, (March 13, 2008) promotes neither.

Mohey Mowafy,

Professor HPER Department