Letter: Cameras a necessity

NW Staff

I found the March 20, 2008, North Wind editorial on parking lot security to be personally very timely. On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 18, 2008, my car was broken into on campus. It was parked in faculty/staff Lot 18 near West Science Building. A large rock about 6-7 inches in diameter was thrown through a passenger window and personal property was stolen from the car. Nearly $800 worth of damage was done to the car.

It is disturbing to know that incidents of this type can happen in broad daylight during working hours when campus parking lots are busy. I would warn all students, staff and faculty not to leave anything of value in their vehicles. If they do so, please learn from my mistake and ensure that it is not visible to passersby.

The March 20 editorial recommends surveillance cameras in campus parking lots. The Upper Peninsula Medical Center just a few blocks from NMU has installed surveillance cameras in their parking lots due to car break-ins.

Maybe it is time for NMU to consider taking the same action in light of the parking lot thefts being reported on campus.

Lori Nelson
Assistant Professor
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences