ASNMU has a new website


One of the central issues of this spring’s ASNMU election was the potential use of the ASNMU Web site as a tool for Northern students.

If all goes as planned the new redesigned site will be available to students before the start of the 2008-2009 school year begins.

ASNMU Director of Information and Technology Jeff Thomas said that the new site will make valuable information readily available to students.

“When you went on the old site you really had to dig to get information about which aspect of ASNMU dealt with which duties. For example if you clicked on the ‘assembly’ link, it would take you to a page, but there wasn’t much content,” Thomas said. “Students basically had to read the constitution and bylaws to find information.”

“No student should ever have to do that,” he added.

The new Web site will put this once hidden information to a more accessible location.

“We’ve always thought that the Web site could be the best tool we have to inform the student body,” ASNMU president Hobie Webster said. “Hopefully the new site will accomplish this goal.”

The site will include links to the online syllabi, Wildcat Wallet, dozing discounts and other ASNMU programs.

In addition the Web site will include expanded information on environmentally friendly lifestyles and opportunities for students to get involved in Northern’s going green initiatives.

“We’re going to have sections on the Web site touting our vision of a paperless campus, as well as sections telling students what products to buy to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and highlighting some of the things that NMU is doing to help the environment,” Webster said.

One of the aspects of ASNMU’s plan to become a paperless campus involves including minutes, agendas and ASNMU applications available to students online on the Web site.

Another idea for the Web site which Thomas said has been discussed is the possibility of adding a forum or discussion board where students could directly give feedback to their ASNMU representatives.

“This is not going to be a static project,” Thomas said. “We aren’t ever going to sit back and say ‘It’s done.'”