Residence Halls: Helpful hints for living in the dorms


Rules and expectations for living in the dorms are generally the same for all the halls, but there are a few exceptions for students living in Payne or Van Antwerp.

Van Antwerp is considered the wellness hall, and for years, one of its houses was chemical free. The Boulevard was a house designed for students who had made a commitment to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Anyone living there was not supposed to use substances whether they were on or off campus.

In recent years, however, interest for living in a chemical free house has declined, so The Boulevard House has become like most other houses on campus. Its RA, Zak Christie, and some of the other returning residents still want to try and keep the chemical free vibe.

“We want to keep this a safe haven for those who don’t want to go out every weekend,” Christie says. But at the same time, he doesn’t want the students who do go out to feel out of place.”

While there’s no longer a chemical free house on campus, there are still other places that provide a similar atmosphere. The academic houses in Van Antwerp’s American Graffiti and Payne’s Breakwater are ideal for honor students and athletes. Students can request to be in an academic house, but they must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 to get in.

Breakwater and American Graffiti are the only houses that require a minimum GPA, and it shows in the residents. Breakwater’s RA, Jessica Walk, says she has a lot of pre-med majors, cross country girls and hockey players in her house this year. The academic houses allow for a better study environment, while Payne’s 7p.m. to noon quiet hours help some students get a good night’s sleep.

“It’s nice for students who need to get up early,” Walk says.

Academic halls are

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