Unique flavors, the old-fashioned way


Probably the most unique items on Doncker’s menu are the phosphates. Phosphates are pulled sodas made from scratch by a soda jerk. In today’s world of pop machines and soda fountains that mix your drink for you, waiting for someone to make your soda might seem like a hassle.

But there’s definitely something different about a freshly made soda. They’re creamier and less carbonated than most people would be used to. And Donckers still makes them the old fashioned way.

“The recipes come from early 1900s soda recipes,” said chocolatier and soda jerk manager Quentin Stewart.

To start, a soda jerk will put a shot of whatever flavor syrup the customer wants in a glass, then will add carbonated water.

The term soda jerk comes from the way they jerk the lever for the water. They have to wait for the fizz on the top of the glass to go down before jerking the lever again and adding more.

Donckers sodas are $2 and come in any combination of Coke, root beer, vanilla, chocolate, cherry, orange and green river. The unique thing about drinks from a soda jerk is that the customer can create whatever flavor they want. Chocolate, cherry and Vanilla Coke are all on the menu, but why not try a vanilla orange cherry soda? Mix chocolate and orange and have a chocolate covered orange soda. The drink creations are only limited by the customers’ imagination.