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It’s a great time to be alive; for the next week or two, all four major sports (lo siento, soccer) are going on simultaneously. If you find yourself lost in the whirlwind of action, here’s a guide to prioritizing your time.We’ll start with the least essential viewing and work our way up to the must-see event of the weekend.

The NBA is just starting its preseason and I’d be lying if I said the results of these games had any meaning at all. So what’s worth watching? I give you Saturday’s matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and FC Barcelona. If the 2008 Summer Olympics didn’t satisfy your appetite for Kobe Bryant making foreigners look silly on the basketball court, this exhibition against the Spanish club is probably right up your alley. On the other side of the coin, if British-streetballer Stuart Tanner embarrassing NBA star Devin Harris (YouTube it) is any indication, it might be worth betting on the Europeans to pull the upset after all. Your call, friendo.
While NFL teams are just starting to angle for playoff position, college football’s brutal version of Russian roulette enters its eighth harrowing week. Any team can play itself out of a title shot on any given Saturday; this week’s clash of superpowers sees No. 11 Missouri traveling to Austin to take on top-ranked Texas. Colt McCoy, besides having the coolest name this side of Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster, is garnering Heisman talk with passing numbers that belong in a video game. Missouri is one late score from being undefeated themselves, and with Texas coming off a big win over Oklahoma they could be due for a letdown. Let the deadly barrel spin.

Newspapers being what they are, somewhere between three and five full seasons will seem to have played out between the time I write this and the time this paper prints and you read it. But as of right now, Major League Baseball’s League Championship Series is still going in both the American and the National League. Assuming the Dodgers aren’t out by the time this goes to print, watch them while you can, because they’re clearly on the ropes. In the AL, the Rays are playing some of their best baseball and it looks ugly for Red Sox Nation. Nothing would be more painful than losing a shot at the World Series to a team you’ve dominated for years except maybe watching an episode of “Entourage,” but it’s kind of a wash at that point. Whatever game is still on, make it a point to watch.

What better way to dive into the CCHA season than by spending Friday and Saturday night in the Berry Events Center cheering on the NMU hockey team? The season is young, and Northern’s 5-2 victory over Michigan Tech gives students reason to be optimistic for the long season ahead. This weekend’s series against the nation’s No. 2-ranked Michigan Wolverines should give the Wildcats a much better idea where they stand. There’s no question Michigan is going to be favored in both games, but a last-second jersey change might be enough to give Northern the psychological edge it needs. I suggest that Northern’s hockey players wear — under their pads of course — the jerseys of either Appalachian State, Toledo or really any single team on Michigan’s football schedule this year.