NW Staff

Seminar to teach on-campus leadership

Housing and Residence Life is hosting “Live, Learn, Lead” which will take place Friday, Jan. 30 from 5 – 10 p.m. in the Great Lakes Rooms of the University Center. “Live, Learn, Lead,” is a seminar for students participating in hall government to have the opportunity to discuss the conflicts affecting residents. The executive board from each hall, including president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and representatives from each house will discuss the success and struggles they face with their peers. “It is a chance to come together for an extended period of time and enjoy spending time together,” said Lindsay Sparks, resident director of Halverson Hall. All student leaders will work to make sure there is improvement within resident life, such as becoming more involved with students living in their halls and planning fun activities. “‘Live, Learn, Lead’ gives the hall leaders an opportunity to do a lot of planning at critical points in the semester,” Sparks said.

– Emily Shank

Skill Builder! encourages communication

On Friday, Jan. 30, a Lego Challenge Skill Builder! workshop will take place in the Back Room of the University Center at 2 p.m. In this Skill Builder!, participating students can expect to build their communications skills as they attempt to build a Lego car with a number of communication restrictions. This workshop is marked as one among five which encourages student organizations to attend as a group because it emphasizes teamwork. “They’ll just really get an opportunity to work with each other and develop those different communication skills in a fun setting,” said Katy Morrison, a graduate assistant in the Center of Student Enrichment. Morrison said she chose to teach this Skill Builder! because she enjoyed it when she took it years before as a part of the Student Leader Fellowship Program. “Students should attend because if they’re looking for a memorable experience, I really feel that this Skill Builder! would be that. It’s just a really fun time,” Morrison said. Interested students can call 227-1771 or e-mail [email protected] to register.

– Lucy Hough

New reserve system available in library

Public Services within the Olson Library purchased a reserve system, Ares, at the beginning of the semester which facilitates the process of making resources available to students via WebCT. This system is used as a way of organizing any materials that instructors wish to make electronically available for their students; it cuts down on students having to visit the library in order to receive a document. It also eliminates the hassle that those who work within the department faced upon uploading dozens of materials. The number of electronic reserves has increased from five in the 2005-2006 academic year to 404 in 2007-2008. Such an influx of materials has put a strain on employees who were involved in the uploading process. Ares will largely cut down on the number of steps, freeing up employees to do more for the library, said Mollie Freier, head of public services and associate professor of academic information systems. “Things are changing,” she said. “Anything affected by technology is changing.” Though Ares is not entirely compatible with WebCT, students are still able to access information. The only obstacle is an authorization page that will appear. The company is hoping to solve this soon. The library, however, is excited about the change: “This has been just a wonderful, glorious thing,” said Freier.

– Lucy Hough