NW Staff

ASNMU committee works for effectiveness

The Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU) is constructing a new committee called the Constitution and Bylaws Committee. The main purpose of this is to ensure that ASNMU is being run in the best possible way. The working structure of ASNMU has never been reviewed. Jason Morgan, a junior political science major and the current president of ASNMU, plans to use this new committee to explore other universities’ student government structures in order to find out if ASNMU’s structure is adequate. The changes that this committee may make could be major or minor, but its purpose is to make sure that ASNMU is being run smoothly and effectively. Another use of this new committee is to ensure that ASNMU is up and running quickly at the beginning of each year. “Reinventing the wheel every year doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Morgan said. The committee is going to be conducting informal meetings with student organizations to see how they feel they are being represented and how ASNMU can improve. On this committee, Morgan will be acting as the chairman with five other board members: a professional studies representative, Dani Thoune, an Arts and Science representative, Michael Skrobeck, Down Campus representatives, Drew Janego and Lupita Ferguson, and an Off-Campus representative, Jeff Thomas.

– Max Wojciechowski

Opportunity to taste another culture

People who want to try bison for dinner will get the chance this Friday, Nov. 13. The Native American Student Association (NASA) will hold their ninth annual First Nations Food Taster at the Jacobetti Center at 5 p.m. NASA uses this event as a way to demonstrate what they do and present the Native American Culture. The food is homemade, with the help of volunteers and the hospitality staff. The members of NASA will serve bison meatloaf, venison stew, turkey, three sisters casserole, wild rice and other kinds of traditional food. The food is modeled after family recipes. Some dishes follow recipes developed by Chris Kibit, the head of hospitality management. “It will be lots of fun and lots of delicious, homemade food for little money,” Connie Goudreau, a sophomore pre-law major and chairperson of NASA said. Tickets for the First Nations Food Taster are $4 for NMU students and $10 for the general public in advance. Prices at the door are $5 for NMU students and $12 for the general public. For more information e-mail [email protected].
– Julia Brummert

Environmentalist to talk at NMU

A well-known environmentalist is visiting Northern to talk about his experiences on the water. Captain Paul Watson from the show “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet is speaking at Northern next Tuesday, Nov. 17. Watson, head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is considered a “green pirate” because his mission is to stop the unlawful hunting of animals; in his pursuits he has been threatened, assaulted, shot at and jailed. “I am excited to meet him. I think he’s a very interesting person; I can’t wait to speak with him and see what he thinks about things,” said Tom Rosencrants, a senior construction management major and president of Platform Personalities, the group that is hosting Watson. Rosencrants said that he hopes students will find him interesting because the way he goes about disrupting hunts is often seen as controversial. He will be speaking Tuesday, Nov. 17 in the Great Lakes Rooms at 7 p.m.
– Lucy Hough