What’s your resolution?

NW Staff

Lucy Hough
Editor in Chief

Working at a newspaper emits enough drama into my life; I don’t need to be involved
with it on a daily basis with my friends and family. Drama is the worst kind of lover,
always nagging, and I have to remember to take some time away. If it means staying in
more, watching documentaries and the Discovery channel, bring it on. But this year, I refuse to drown in the squabbles of trivialities, and I hope to relax often and let things go more easily.

My dream is to color coordinate binders and pens and paper with a subject, to have
everything sorted so that I know what’s happening when and can anticipate it before it happens. I thrive on having the outlines figured out, and that’s something that I hope to perfect in 2010. Increased organization will give me the time that I need to relax and separate work from Lucy-time, to be spontaneous when I need to be, without having what’s important fall behind or fall apart entirely.

Cameron Witbeck
News editor

This year I have resolved to be healthier. That means no more over-consumption of coffee to fuel all night study sessions. It also means smoking less, if not cutting it out completely. Also, rugby season should not be the only time of the year that I move any faster than walking speed. While I don’t have much time to get to the PEIF, I could certainly attempt to be more active in my daily life. Another step I may take is eating breakfast, which I guess is a lot healthier than two cups of coffee and a couple of cigarettes.

It seems like the only time that I can find to read for leisure is during the summer and winter breaks. As an English major, I find myself reading a lot during the semester, but I should take some time to read books that I want to read. I would like to get around to reading “The Idiot,” by Dostoyevsky and finally finish a James Joyce novel. This means that I have to take some time away from my traditional method of stress relief (watching that video of the sneezing panda on YouTube) and devote more time to literature.

Scott Viau
Features editor

So often in either my job or academic studies I take the way that requires the least amount of effort. While it’s not as easy to get away with subpar material at The North Wind, there’s no one looking over my shoulder when it comes to my classes. Throughout my academic career there have been times where I knew I could put in a minimal amount of work and still get an A. For 2010, I resolve to give both my work and academic responsibilities my full attention and truly do my best.

There have been many times where I’ll be browsing the DVD section of any retail
store and I’ll see a movie that I haven’t seen, but want to. Instead of just renting it, I’ll often buy the movie without any prior knowledge as to whether or not I’ll like it. Because of this habit, my DVD collection has grown to an almost unmanageable size with at least 10 percent consisting of movies I have not seen. So, in order to finally see all the movies I own, I resolve to not buy another DVD which I have not previously seen and catch up on all the unseen movies I own.

Lucia Lopez
Opinion editor

I’ve never believed much in New Year’s resolutions. This past New Year’s Eve, my friends decided to passionately declare what we would change, add or subtract from our diets, relationships, or lives as a resolution. Of course, as usual, I hadn’t given it much thought and after hearing the common answers like “no chocolate,” “less alcohol” and “more sex,” I realized that my wish for this year was much simpler.


Almost instantly and without hesitation, a voice across the room asked me what I meant by that. After all, he wondered how I measured “better.” In smiles? In lack of tears? In number of dates? In money made? Number of kisses or hugs? As these thoughts entered and revolved around my mind, I discovered that, obviously, “better” is nothing more than a relative term. I do not know how this year will be
better than the last. But, whether I keep my resolution or not, whether there are thousands of tears or perhaps millions of smiles; I don’t need a resolution. I’m ready for whatever 2010 may bring.

Trevor Pellerite
Sports editor

I suppose this is more of a goal, but regardless, it’s my last semester in college (hopefully), and it would be all too easy to coast to a mediocre final GPA. Given that this is the last time I’ll have
to stay up late doing homework and wake up early for classes, I might as well give it my all. Besides, you can do anything for three and a half months, right?

Here at NMU, students are offered an array of experiences and opportunities not usually afforded to people in the ‘real world.’ Being in my last semester here, I’d like to venture out and attend
some activities this semester other than hockey games. For too long I’ve passed up chances to see international presenters, artists and musicians. Before long I’ll be too busy having a job (again, hopefully) to even think about enjoying things like that. I’m sorry, couch. We might not be seeing as much of each other in the upcoming months.

Ashley Wiggins
Photo editor

Saving money has never been a difficult task for me; however, 2010 has already proven itself to be full of exciting opportunities. What year isn’t, though? Therefore, my New Year’s resolution is to make as much money as possible and save as much of it as I possibly can – even if it means eating more meals in the Marketplace. It is only the beginning of January and I often find myself zoning out to explore the limitless ideas bouncing around in my mind: spring break, music festivals, backpacking trips, sailing adventures, a new car. The list goes on in perpetuity. Hopefully, by the end of this semester I will have sufficient funds to finance whatever I want in 2010.

I love to swim, and I am embarrassed to admit that my first visit to the NMU pool was this Monday. In addition to snow-shoeing, yoga and Pilates, I plan to add swimming into the mix. I also would like to do aqua aerobics, some climbing and maybe take a few dance classes. Anyone want to teach me how to dive?