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Looking ahead in 2010


Spoon, “Transference” – January 26, 2010

Spoon’s last album, 2007’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga,” was so amazing it placed high on both Rolling Stone and Pitchfork’s lists of the Top 50 Albums of 2007. For the past three years, fans have waiting in anticipation for their next move. They’ve been teasing with LPs and live debuts, but now the real
thing, “Transference,” is finally here. By the sounds of the first single, “Written in Reverse,” it seems like the band has skipped the awkward stage and flew straight through puberty. With “Transference,” Spoon is leaving behind the sunny California indie-rock sound (which landed them on the soundtrack for “The O.C.”) and demanding to be taken seriously.

Alkaline Trio, “This Addiction” – February 23, 2010

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Alkaline Trio got lost for a while there. Their last album, “Agony and Irony,” still held the traditionally aggressive punk rock guitar riffs and drum beats, but the lyrics and vocals were beginning to venture more towards pop-rock. They weren’t the same Sid Viscous wannabes they used to be, but they weren’t writing songs called “Sugar, We’re Going Down,” either. The buzz around “This Addiction” promises a venture back to their humble beginnings – think The Cure meets Less Than Jake. After recently leaving powerhouse Epic, Trio finally has the control they need to get back to their roots.

The White Stripes, “Under Great White Northern Lights [Live]” – March 16, 2010

If there’s anything that shows the world what true musical talent is, it’s The White Stripes live in concert. Recently a tour documentary was released called “Under Great White Northern Lights” which chronicled the craziness of their 2007 Canadian tour. In March, the dynamic duo is putting out an extravagant box set under the same name. The box set includes the documentary, a DVD of their 10th anniversary show in Nova Scotia, a 16-track live album and a 7″ vinyl single. Start cashing in your returnables, kids, because this is going to be worth shelling out the big bucks for.

Coheed and Cambria, “Year of the Black Rainbow” -April, 2010

Coheed and Cambira have had this thing called “The Armory Wars” going for a while. It’s like an ongoing musical concept story, and “Year of the Black Rainbow” promises to be the third and final album of the concept. To say the band has been hush-hush about it would be an understatement. The only thing they’ve leaked is that it will be released in April and will come with a prose novel of the same name. Along with being really talented musicians, they sure do know how to build up hype. The last two installments of the project have been received well, so it’s doubtful these guys will let the grand finale be any less than amazing.

MGMT, “Congratulations” – 2010

Apparently, MGMT began this album in 2009 by locking themselves in a cabin in the woods. They later revealed to Spin magazine that it’s mix and mastered, but they are trying to figure out how to “present it to the world.” There will be no single released on the album, but rather a complete body of songs. It sounds like the bands a little jaded by their “Electric Feel” fame, since they don’t want people judging their songs by what gets played on the radio. But hey, if this is them being serious and “Oracular Spectacular” was just them fooling around, I can’t even imagine how great this album will be.


“Toy Story 3” – June 18, 2010

It seems that Pixar can be included on the list of guarantees along with death and taxes. The final film in the “Toy Story” trilogy is sure to be just as emotional and fun-filled as the first two.

“Inception” – July 16, 2010

Exact details about this film have been kept to a minimum. It’s been described as a “thriller within the architecture of the mind,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Given director Christopher Nolan’s track record, it’s bound to be just as interesting and compelling as every other film he’s made. Let’s just hope he gets back to Batman when he’s done.

“The Social Network” – Fall, 2010

A bio-pic on the creators of Facebook written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, “The Social Network” might just prove to be the most entertaining film of the year.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” – Nov. 19, 2010

For nearly the last ten years, we’ve grown up with “Harry Potter.” We now finally arrive at the climax of Harry’s seven-year saga at Hogwarts. Although this is only the first installment of a two-part movie, it’ll be very interesting to see how filmmakers capture the book’s action-packed and very dark tone.

“True Grit” – Christmas 2010

The Coen Bros. previous foray with remaking a film (“The Ladykillers”) was not exactly a hit. Their decision to remake a classic John Wayne western was met with a few raised eyebrows, but if there’s a team of filmmakers who can remake a film without the flaws of the original, it’s the Coen Brothers. It would not come as any surprise to me if this film proves to be a heavy Oscar contender for next year.



Although certainly not a 2010 invention, 2010 will be the year when blu-ray technology is even further implemented into American society. With blu-ray players under $100 and discs finally coming down to a more affordable price, and often including standard DVDs with it, it’ll become quite more common to find a home equipped for blu.

E-Book Readers

With the Amazon Kindle already taking the e-book market by storm and Barnes and Noble releasing their own version, the e-book is a product that will soon be found in homes across America. Although some may balk at the idea of reading their beloved classics on a screen that is just slightly bigger than an iPod, the fact that it can carry hundreds of books on it at one time makes it an incredibly convenient device.

3-D Television

With blu-ray 3-D technology already on the way, 3-D televisions are not far behind at all. In fact, companies like Toshiba, Samsung and Sony all have plans to introduce 3-D TVs by the end of 2010. Philips is trying to have a 3-D TV that does not require special glasses out by 2011.


“Lost” – Feb. 2, 2010

As the sixth and final season is about to get under way on Feb. 2, fans anxiously await answers to some of the show’s biggest mysteries, like what is the smoke monster, who are Adam and Eve and what exactly is John Locke’s deal. This season of “Lost” is bound to be the most exciting one ever.

“Weeds” – Summer, 2010

When we last saw Nancy Botwin, her son was standing in front of her with a croquet mallet and there was a body floating in a pool. Although “Weeds” has definitely gone downhill since the end of the third season, I’m still interested in where exactly Weeds is going in its next season. Hopefully, they’ll make it its last and let it end with a shred of dignity.

“Breaking Bad” – March 2010

The second season of “Breaking Bad” ended with science teacher turned meth dealer Walt White accidentally telling a portion of the truth to his wife while under medication and an explosive accident happening in the sky over Albuquerque. The third season is scheduled to start back up again in March, and with everything that has already happened to Walt, it’ll be interesting to see where the writers take the show next.

“Modern Family” – On now

When it first debuted on ABC, “Modern Family” looked like it would just another unfunny sitcom that tries to take old clichés and make them funny again. Fortunately, there was more beneath the surface in this comedy of three families related either by blood or marriage and their attempts to live harmoniously. By using the same documentary- like camera work, “Family” is able to appear more realistic and tackle issues that, while they may seem overdone, are somehow presented in a fresh light.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” -September 2010

The sixth season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will start in September. One can only imagine what shenanigans the gang from Paddy’s Pub will be getting into this year. Maybe a follow up to ‘Kitten Mitton’s’ or the gang will rekindle the rivalry with the other Irish bar in the neighborhood. Either way the creators; Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton will undoubtedly find new ways to get the self centered and oblivious gang into situations none of us saw coming. Fans of “Sunny” can look forward to tuning into FX and watching Sweet Dee decode the DENIS System, Frank inventing the newest ‘Shot gun,’ and, of course, loads of Charlie work.

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