Briefs – 9/23/10

NW Staff

Paycheck pickup condensed

As of Sept. 30 the Department of Human Services requests that all student employees pick up their paychecks on the Thursday or Friday of pay week, or the following Monday and Tuesday.

“Hours are simply condensed in order to reduce increasing foot traffic and time spent dispersing paychecks, and therefore allows human resources to better serve students by focusing on the many other arenas of the department,” said the manager of Human Resources Information Systems and Payroll, Lindsey Butorac.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the simplified direct deposit method of payment.

“Students can fill out a form and have their paycheck deposited into the bank account of their choosing,” Butorac said.

—Travis Rogers

Tango lessons offered

The Argentine Tango Club is a new club on campus that will offer students instruction in the Argentine tango.

Though it is widely danced in Argentina, it is experiencing resurgence around the world. The dance requires a large amount of improvisation, and is thus not focused on pre choreographed steps, said Abhi Jain, assistant professor for the college of business and adviser of the club. It is a difficult dance to learn and master, but anybody is welcome to attend what will be a rewarding experience,” Jain said.

Students planning on attending are encouraged to wear shoes with leather or suede soles. Attending with a partner is also encouraged, but not necessary. Meetings are held in the Superior Room of the University Center on Saturday nights from 6 to 9 p.m.  Those looking for more information can contact Jain at [email protected]

— Zachary Friesorger

Mortar board wins award

The NMU Telion chapter of Mortar Board was presented the Silver Torch Award this past summer for organization of the year in Chicago, Ill.

Mortar Board is a national college senior honor society that focuses on service projects. Derek Bush, Vice President of the NMU chapter, accepted the award, and said it was all due to work done by the current 25 members.

“The group of people that make up our Telion chapter are individuals who are of high caliber and make fulfilling these national standards a priority,” he said.

Bush believes that if the group continues its hard work, it is highly probable they will win the award again in the future. “Hard work and dedication from Mortar Board members is what won us the award this year and is surely what will win it for us again in the future.”

If you’re interested in joining Mortar Board, watch for recruitment posters around campus or contact Bush at [email protected]

— Chelsea Parrish