Student newspaper the voice for students

NW Staff

The editorials in the past two weeks have been about how students should be more active in school activities. As we considered ideas for this week’s editorial, we played around with the idea to urge more students to embrace homecoming. North Wind editorial pages have been filled for years, even decades, with calls to action for students to do more, be less apathetic and embrace the university and surrounding areas with more fervor.

It’s easy for us to tell students to do more, but rarely do we point the critical lens at ourselves. We are your student newspaper, and with that comes a lot of responsibility that we work every year to fulfill.

Melissa Pinskey/NW

With each paper, we try to offer the most critical, up-to-date and interesting information for students; we feel it is our job to be the “watchdog” and make sure that your university administration and student government are ethical and fair. In the news and opinion sections, we work to provide a variety of insights on aspects of the university and country that benefit the students. The sports and features sections work to offer audiences a thorough and sometimes different look at social events and sports games.

When we consider what we want to put in the newspaper, our first concern is whether students will benefit from knowing the information. If we feel students have a right to know something, we find a way to objectively put it in the paper that week.

We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement on our end, stories we are missing or issues we can’t get to the bottom of. Oftentimes, this happens because we are not made aware of such issues, and that is somewhere that students can help. We hope that students will interact with us more so we know what NMU students want out of their student newspaper. We take criticisms via online comments, letters to the editors, or casual e-mails and appreciate any feedback.

Though various students may not agree with what we print, we work every week to provide a variety of viewpoints. We hope to provide students a voice within this university and the country and can more effectively do that when we know what students want and care about.