Lack of wind cuts NMU sailing club’s regatta short

Mackenzie Myers

The NMU club sailing team had a regatta at the University of Iowa on Sept. 18 and 19. They did well, considering they had finishes in the upper halves of both A and B fleets, and that four of the five members they sent were freshmen. However, the race was postponed for the second half of Saturday and Sunday morning because of bad weather, which “never came,” said Mike Stoodley, commodore of the sailing team. However, academic responsibility was more important to the team who couldn’t stay for the rescheduled events.

“Had our team stayed, they would have returned around three o’ clock Monday morning,” Stoodley said. “But they had a great time, even with the nine-hour car ride, and I feel they have become much closer since the regatta.”

The sailing team has another regatta coming up this weekend, Oct. 2 and 3 at Marquette University, and will be sailing on Lake Michigan. The Wildcats’ will face host Marquette, University of Minnesota, University of Iowa, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Robert Morris College.  Stoodley and his team are planning on bringing along as many team members as possible, since it will be a big event and the Wildcat team is particularly close with the Marquette and UW-Milwaukee teams.

Despite the difficult competition, the Wildcats have high hopes, and plan to succeed in their regatta this weekend.