ASNMU Update – ASNMU discusses improving image to NMU students

Margaret Ylitalo

Off-campus representative Benjamin Stanley opened a discussion about the appearance of ASNMU to the university at the Monday, Nov. 29 ASNMU meeting. ASNMU members discussed the possibility of improving that image by forming “Let’s Chat” sessions with ASNMU, attending more events, and making sure people are aware of what ASNMU does. Off-campus representative Dani Thoune introduced the idea of a luncheon to the discussion to promote open dialogue.

Stanley also brought up the possibility of forming a more accessible ride share program for those who need rides or are available to provide them. A white board or bulletin board would potentially be hung in front of Starbucks or the Marketplace, and students would write their destination on a card of either of two colors. One color would be for people who need a ride somewhere, and the other would be for those who are offering rides. Safety of participants was brought up, and possibly contacting the person with whom one is riding to interact with him or her before the date of departure was also discussed.

Stanley opened a discussion about possibly reinstating ASNMU benefits. Last semester, students voted to remove the executive board’s pay. Because of the lack of pay, some members of the executive board must hold jobs outside of ASNMU, which takes away from the time that could be spent on ASNMU-related tasks. Forming an incentive for ASNMU general assembly members – perhaps a free parking pass or a free meal during office hours – was also discussed.

Down-campus representative Jolene Prahl and Arts and Sciences representative Michael Skrobeck resigned from their positions.

Joseph Delisle was unanimously approved and sworn in as a general university studies representative.

ASNMU members discussed the possibility of moving its office to a more readily-accessible location, perhaps Jamrich, was discussed in open forum.

A $294.94 budget was approved for hotel and travel costs to the Student Association of Michigan conference at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. in January 2011.