ASNMU Update – Brock approved as vice president after second vote

Margaret Ylitalo

On-campus apartments representative Kyle Brock was again appointed to the vice president position of ASNMU at the Monday, Jan. 17 meeting and was then approved to the position. Last week, his nomination was not approved by the assembly; for a member of the assembly to become vice president when the president leaves, three fourths of the assembly must approve the new president’s nomination.

President Courtney Russell said she met with Greg Minner, director of dining services, to discuss a more open relationship between students and dining services in the future.

College of Business representative Alysa Diebolt opened a discussion about “Let’s Chat” with ASNMU. ASNMU has not yet scheduled dates for “Let’s Chat” sessions, which are informal talks that enable students to approach ASNMU members informally. Members discussed scheduling one per month for the remainder of the academic year.

Diebolt also opened a discussion about the smoking policy and asked ASNMU members if they would like to ask Public Safety to enforce the 30-foot rule, which requires students to smoke at least 30 feet away from buildings. Diebolt said people regularly stand by doorways while smoking. Off-campus representative Benjamin Stanley said it would make more sense if students asked people to follow the rule when they see them breaking it rather than asking Public Safety to ticket them.

Arts and sciences representative Chris Hoffman opened a discussion about gender-neutral housing, asking members if it is something they want to consider pursuing. Russell said it is something they should approach with caution because, though there may be many students in favor of gender-neutral housing, there are possibly many students who are against it also. Among concerns about gender-neutral housing were student safety and pregnancy rates.

Diamond Allen, Hailey Schroeder and John Comastro were appointed and unanimously approved to the Student Finance Committee.