ASNMU Update – ASNMU approves the restart of ‘Let’s Chat’ on Radio X

Margaret Ylitalo

Off-campus representative Benjamin Stanley opened a discussion about restarting Radio X’s “Let’s Chat” sessions at the Monday, Jan. 23 ASNMU meeting. ASNMU suspended the rules to vote and unanimously approved ASNMU’s involvement with Radio X’s initial broadcast, which will take place this Thursday, Jan. 27, and the broadcasts each week after.

Stanley said two people from the university will be interviewed for 20 minutes each week on Radio X, followed by 10 minutes of music the interviewees like. Stanley said there will be an opportunity for one or two students to ask questions following the interviews. A podcast will be available each week, so listeners will be able to access the sessions online. Health promotions specialist Lenny Shible; head of Dining Services, Greg Minner; director of Housing, Carl Holm; and Dean of Students, Chris Greer, are among those who expressed interest in participating in “Let’s Chat” sessions.

Arts and sciences representative Chris Hoffman opened a discussion about possibly starting a gender housing committee. He said this committee would communicate with Housing and other Michigan schools to research housing options, and this committee would be exploratory rather than action-based. Hoffman is waiting for a response from the University of Michigan, which has implemented gender-neutral housing, to discuss its benefits and drawbacks.

President Courtney Russell said she planned to discuss Dining Services’ relationship with students with Greg Minner, head of Dining Services, on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Russell opened a discussion about the elections committee for next semester, for which people will be appointed next week. Treasurer Andrew Foster said the elections committee members “determine the election process, make sure that the rules are being enforced, make sure the candidates are all up to date on what the rules are, and kind of guide the process from beginning to end.”  ASNMU members who plan on running cannot participate in the elections committee, but non-representatives can be election committee members, said ASNMU adviser Chris Greer.