Avoid the new drug craze in Marquette

NW Staff

Every once in a while a new drug craze breaks out among college crowds. Usually it involves the use of over-the-counter medications that, when taken improperly, will give the user a feeling that leaves them wanting more. However, with the newest craze that has resulted in a ban in both Houghton and Marquette, Mich., the substance in question is not something intended for ingestion: it is a bath salt to be added to bathwater.

We realize the difficulty of finding something entertaining to do in the U.P., but we’d like to urge students not to try this drug simply because it’s available.. Over the counter does not automatically mean safe, and because it’s not intended for consumption, it does not have to be regulated through the FDA.

Andy Harmon/NW

Students away from home tend to use college to experiment with things they may not have done while living with their parents, but that experimentation should not lead to drugs, especially one  so clearly not meant to be ingested. Students may also be under the impression that because others have done it, it must be safe, but this could not be further from the truth.

At least one person has died from using these bath salts and several others have been hospitalized in Marquette County. Everyone likes to party occasionally, but there are better materials with which to party than something that could be fatal on the first try. A simple high is not worth paying the ultimate price.

Being young can often mean not thinking about long-term consequences. Those who may have used bath salts and lived to tell the tale may not realize the potential danger they have and are putting themselves in. And because of the relative newness, the potential for overdosing is unpredictable.

When out partying, be sure to think of the consequences of using these bath salts if the opportunity arises. These drugs are dangerous. It’s insanely stupid to use something like this to achieve an altered state.