Letters to the Editor – February 17, 2011


Column leaves out intersex individuals

In Robyn Goodman’s Feb. 3 article, “ASNMU researches gender-neutral housing,” Goodman states, “Gender-neutral housing allows students to share a room with people of the opposite sex.” Saying “opposite sex” both negates the existence of intersex individuals and reinforces the gender binary (that there are males and females and nothing in between), which leaves out a primary beneficiary of gender-neutral housing: gender non-conforming people,  or those who do not fit neatly within the categories of “male” and “female.” It would be more appropriate to describe gender-neutral housing as “allowing students to share a room with anyone, regardless of gender.”

Chris Mosier
Editor in Chief, The North Wind, 2002-03

NMU alumni reflects on time in theatre

Having grown up on campus and attended NMU as an undergrad and graduate intern, it is nice to come back home years later. I would like to take this opportunity to say what an honor and pleasure it has been to return to the NMU campus and to the Forest Roberts Theatre for the past five weeks to rehearse “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” Since I graduated in 1987, many changes have taken place at FRT, but one thing remains: the professionalism of the faculty and students. I have performed in a variety of professional venues over the years, and I can state without a doubt that the FRT, is a first-rate performing space. It has also been exciting to be cast by Ansley Valentine, the new director of the FRT in his debut as a director on the stage. Ansley is doing a remarkable job of securing the future success of NMU’s theater. He reminds me a lot of a guy who use to coach at the Hedgcock fieldhouse: dedicated, personable, community orientated, and a true advocate for his students and department. I encourage everyone to give Valentine the famous Wildcat welcome by attending “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” on February 16 -19. I have come and gone from Marquette and NMU several times over the years, but it is always nice to know that I am welcomed back home not just on stage but on campus, and Marquette as well. It has been a great few weeks to be a Campus Wildcat again and I hope to see you all at the theater.

Bobby Glenn Brown 87
Alumni Service
Award Recipient 04