Funding shouldn’t be cut for public media

NW Staff

The proposed federal funding cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) may seem to be an issue that does not directly affect NMU students, but it is an issue that demands the attention of everyone.

CPB provides funding for everything from Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to National Public Radio (NPR) to local radio and public television.

We’ve all grown up on “Sesame Street,” but now it looks like they’re trying to evict Burt and Ernie. This cut affects everything from “All Things Considered” to “Nova” to even “Arthur.” These specials help put what we are learning into a greater, more interesting context. It’s tools like this, plus the reliable reporting of NPR, that make these resources crucial to all people, especially those in rural areas that might not have access to cable or internet.

Andy Harmon

Funding for CPB is not just for widely known national public TV stations or radio programs. It also helps fund NMU-housed Public Radio 90 and WNMU-TV. Stations like these have always struggled for money to operate, having phone drives to raise money, but audiences can’t be expected to foot the whole bill each year for their education and news resources.

Public Radio 90 receives 20 percent of their budget from the CPB. WNMU-TV’s total budget is $1.4 million, $673,00 of which comes from the CPB. These cuts are huge and affect them on a fundamental level. That could seriously affect departments like the Communication and Performance Arts department, who often utilize WNMU-TV in their classes.

We understand that cuts need to be made, but we don’t think it should come at the expense of education and current events, which is what CPB aims to provide.

The cuts could also result in a loss of jobs for many people, and we hope that our government thinks twice before taking away from broadcasting that can enhance our daily lives.