Letters to the Editor – April 14, 2011


ASNMU controls too much of election

The ASNMU election process is questionable at best.  The election committee is in charge of not only running the election, but also of determining if those running for election break the rules.  The election committee is made up of the ASNMU Vice President, and appointed members of the general assembly.  This structure is laid out in the ASNMU Constitution and Bylaws.

In reality, what ends up happening too often is that the ASNMU president and vice president groom one or two of their friends from the general assembly for the positions as elections approach.  As they control the election committee, they exert undue influence on the election process.  Imagine the advantage they get from not publicizing the election so there is less competition from the student body as a whole.  ASNMU controls too much of the election.

How do we fix these problems?  Rewrite the constitution and bylaws so that the following changes are made;

1. The elections committee should be comprised of independent members of the Student Finance Committee and/or the All Student Judiciary with no ASNMU involvement.

2. Elect members at the beginning of every semester so currently enrolled students are being represented and so they remember who they are working for.

3. Codifying election rules within the bylaws to prevent selective enforcement.

In our federal government we don’t let the vice president control the election; we have an independent body called the Federal Election Commission run it to minimize conflicts of interest.  Our student government should emulate that principle.

Brian Lantto

Former Off-Campus

ASNMU representative