ASNMU update: Bike share program approved and 24-hour lounge discussed

By Elizabeth Bailey

At this week’s Associated Students of NMU meeting, a new budget was approved for the bike-share program; there was talk of the plans for the 24-hour study lounge and a brief presentation on the Jamrich renovation plan.

Graduate studies representative Chris Kovala started Tuesday night’s discussion with a budget plan for the bike-share program.

This budget calls for $318, half of which would go to safety equipment such as headlights and taillights and the other half to tools in order to maintain the bikes.

The bikes used for this project are those that were recovered by Public Safety, so that will not add additional expenses to the budget.

“I think it’s a really great price and it will really bring something to the student body for a very minimal investment,” said Kovala.

According to Kovala, the bike-share program will allow students to rent bikes free of charge for three days at a time from the library, like renting a book.

For the past couple of weeks, numbers and ideas have been brought to the table in regards to the 24-hour study lounge.

“For almost $1,900, it’s a colossal waste of money to pay for the study longue when so few people use it,” said Travis Crowe, arts and sciences representative.

Chris Hoffman, arts and sciences representative, suggested that the 24-hour study longue be open during the weeks of mid-terms and finals. However, no decisions have been made and the voting for the study lounge will take place next week.

Five more members were appointed to the ASNMU board: Robin Feuerman and Steve Bury as off-campus representatives, Ashle Helman as an on-campus representative and Troy Morris and Abby Roche as arts and sciences representatives.