Paranormal comes alive during tours

By Jessica Gardner

Halloween is right around the corner. To begin the festivities of this holiday, the Paranormal Research Team will be holding the Seventh Annual Haunted Marquette Tours this weekend.

The tours will begin at Lee Hall, where vans will be waiting to bring students on their haunted adventure.
Participants will be brought to several haunted locations in Marquette.

“The Haunted Marquette Tours is a must-see Halloween experience because witnessing the tour will allow you to gain a better understanding of Marquette and it’s haunted places,” said Allison Testolin, a senior Spanish secondary education major.

Testolin is the vice president of the Paranormal Research Team and will be helping out with the Haunted Tours.

“We have made some changes to the tour this year,” said Naysa Anderson, a junior pre-law and philosophy major. “These changes include additions of Lake Superior stories, a discontinuation of a previous stop, and re-addition of a story.”

Two of the stops during the tour include Presque Isle and the old orphanage.

The Paranormal Research team was founded nine years ago by a group of students with the goal to learn more about paranormal activities and to apply this to the city of Marquette.

“Most people hear paranormal and think ‘crazy,’ but what it really means is unexplained,” said Anderson. “We are a scientifically based group that has a focus on community awareness.”

The Haunted Marquette Tours is one of many Halloween festivities that occur at NMU.

“The 7th Annual Haunted Tours is a special event because it is more of three-dimensional Halloween experience. Instead of staying in one room, the audience goes and explores the whole city,” said Joshua Chomicki, a freshman computer science major.

Though the tours may not contain people coming out from the shadows and scaring students, they do contain sightings of supposed paranormal activity.

“These tours are presented by students, not hired personnel,” said Chomicki. “This makes the tours more exciting because the students have a drive and passion for paranormal activity, where hired personnel do not.”

With the passion of each Paranormal Research Team member and the haunted locations, the event fits Halloween like a glove.

Each presenter runs the tour differently.

Some Paranormal Research Team members may present the tour humorously while others may use scare tactics.

“The Haunted Marquette Tours are not only fun to witness, but they are also fun to be a part of,” said Nathaniel Morgan, a junior environmental science major. “I would definitely come back and be a participant of the Marquette Haunted Tours after I graduate.”

If you dare to visit the haunted places of Marquette, the tours start at 5 p.m. and run hourly until midnight, Oct. 21 to 23 at Lee Hall.

Each tour costs $5 per person.