Marketplace offers late night food

Braden Linick

After NMU students asked for a late-night option for food on campus, they will finally receive what they want.

Starting Sept. 9, NMU dining services will be offering Late Night at the Marketplace. It will be from 9 p.m. to midnight and will run Sunday through Wednesday nights.

Payment methods for Late Night are consistent with the Marketplace’s regular hour prices.

Those with a meal plan will be allowed one swipe that is worth $8.

Students with the constant meal plan will be permitted only one swipe per Late Night.

Other payment methods include Dining Dollars, CatCash, check, cash, and credit/debit cards.

Late Night goers do not need to enter the food court, they simply order, pay, and receive a number.

The entire Payne/Halverson side of the Marketplace is available for guests to enjoy their nightly meal.

“The biggest thing is we heard what the students wanted and we’ve reacted, offering this new service,” Sharon Carey, director of Dining Services said. “We want to be sensitive to student needs with late schedules.”

A special menu has been designed which includes deli, pizza and the grill.

Due to the addition of LateNight, certain foods will no longer be available at CatTrax, such as pizza, pretzels and nachos.
The days open were based on the sales of previous years.

Sunday through Wednesday proved to have the greatest demand.

Late Night is here to stay for the remainder of the year and will then be open for evaluation.

“I’m pumped that NMU is realizing that half of us stay up past midnight, and almost all of us are hungry past 8 p.m.,”said Calvin Leinenbach, sophomore English major. “Now let’s shoot for late night hours seven days a week.”

New renovations have also been added to the Marketplace. The dish-room entrance has moved to eliminate a lot of noise on the Payne/Halverson side.

A barrier has been put up separating the Spalding and Gant side from the Payne and Halverson side, which also includes booth seating.

Lockers have also been added near CatTrax for students to drop off their things while they grab a bite.

The lockers are free to use, utilizing a quarter deposit system.

The entrance to Late Night has not fully been determined.

It will be either the normal center entrance or the doors on the Payne and Halverson side.

A new online nutrition source has recently been added to the Dining Services web page.

MyMenu is available as an everyday tool, to help guests of the Marketplace make the right food choices of the offered selection, to fit their specific needs.

For more information on Late Night, email NMU Dining Services at [email protected] or visit