Workshop gives groups skills to succeed

Audrey Menninga

At 4 p.m., Monday, Sept. 10 in the Back Room of the University Center there will be a Skill Builder! workshop, teaching student organizations the skills to function well.

The workshop is geared towards student organization leaders and active members, and will consist of topics such as recruiting, retaining members, organizing a school event and funding organizations.

The workshop, “Leaning Forward, Part I: Getting Your Organization Moving!,” is being hosted by Dave Bonsall, director of the Center for Student Enrichment, and Hannah Kratz, a graduate student assistant for the Center for Student Enrichment.

“In our session, through the sharing of ideas and strategies, we hope to help organizations meet the challenges they are facing and maximize the opportunities that they have,” Bonsall said.

According to Bonsall, the workshop was suggested by a student after a similar workshop last semester.

“If we get a good turnout with several or more student organizations represented, I think all involved will really benefit,” Bonsall said.

Those interested can reserve a spot via the Skill Builder! page through