Athlete talent show raises money for Make-a-Wish

Ray Bressette

The Northern Michigan University varsity athletic teams participated in a talent show on Sunday, Nov. 3 to help raise money for charity.

Proceeds to the event went toward the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to benefit 6-year-old Madison from Hancock, Mich. who  was diagnosed with nemaline myopathy. NMU is teaming up with Michigan Technological University to sponsor Madison’s Wish. The schools are hoping to raise $3,000 each for the foundation to fund Madison’s dream trip to Disney World.

Junior Rose Frankowski of the women’s Nordic skiing team said the talent show was a great way to help raise awareness of the foundation.

“This is our main fundraiser of the fall,” Frankowski said. “We thought a talent show would be a good team mixer for the department that would attract people throughout the community as well as people from our campus.”

The NMU cheerleading team performs a stunt  during the athlete talent show on Sunday, Nov. 3.  (Anthony Viola/NW)
The NMU cheerleading team performs a stunt during the athlete talent show on Sunday, Nov. 3.
(Anthony Viola/NW)

The competitive talent show featured nine acts from the teams, with 11 of the 12 varsity teams in attendance for the event. The soccer team was unable to attend due to competitive conflict.

Charles Belt, assistant coach of the men’s basketball team and host of the talent show, said the show was a proud exhibit of the athletic department.

“It means a lot to show our athletic department as a unified front that’s doing something positive,” Belt said. “Athletes aren’t always considered the best look for the community, but I think it’s really good that all of our teams were able to come and participate in this event.”

The Nordic skiing teams won the competition with their synchronized swimming and diving skit, which featured both of the men’s and women’s teams.

Junior Jordyn Ross of the women’s ski team said she was happy with the team’s contribution to the show.

“We wanted to find something that incorporated the girls and the guys to come together,” Ross said. “It was more to be funny and put on a good act, and we’re glad we could put on a good performance tonight and win the show while raising money for Madison.”

The women’s volleyball team finished second in the competition with a humorous singing and dancing skit, followed by the women’s basketball team, which finished third with a glow-in-the-dark dance performance.

Also performing on the night were the men’s hockey team which performed a skit from the hit film “Step Brothers,” the cheer team which put on a stunt and routine act, the women’s cross country team which had a comedic act on cross country athletes, the women’s track and field team which performed songs from the movie “The Lion King,” the swimming and diving team which performed a dancing act and the men’s basketball team, which put on a Slam Dunk competition.

“It’s always hard to be out of your element of comfort as an athlete, it’s just how we’re wired,” Belt said. “It was great to see everyone do something different. The dance routines were great and the costumes were extremely innovative.

“The whole show was fun to see, hopefully we can do this all again.”

Donations for Madison and the Make-A-Wish foundation will be collected at all NMU sporting events, as NMU athletic teams will be selling t-shirts, stars and bracelets. Anyone looking to make a donation can call women’s basketball assistant coach Kristen Rogers at (906) 227-2109, or email at [email protected].