Flip-flop spring’s fashions

Audrey Koster

Shrug on your wellies, Wildcats, your anticipated sandal season stands no chance against the drifting snow and 20-degree temperatures this week.But this little piggy got ahead on her spring cleaning, and rediscovering one’s wardrobe feels refreshing after a stuffy woolen winter.

The Summer Fashion Show on Thursday, April 10 trotted out summer styles despite the snow. (Audrey Koster/NW)
The Summer Fashion Show on Thursday, April 10 trotted out summer styles despite the snow. (Audrey Koster/NW)

But how soon is too soon for fully exposed little piggies to go to market?

I stopped by the Summer Fashion Show Thursday, April 10 at the Vera Bar for some sartorial inspiration, but found the line of frocks on the runway out of context and a bit abrupt. It’s hard on the brain to go from winter frump to short shift dress sans tights, even when Double Trouble DJ’s cued the Project Runway theme song.

Models strutting the black plywood runway sparkled with Wattsson and Wattsson’s jewlery. While the pieces were too nighttime for the daytime sundresses, swimwear and T-shirts modeled, a girl can still appreciate a well-cut rock when she sees one.

What I really took away were the clever outfits the organizers sported for their event. Their outfits felt accessible and portrayed self-definition through style. The benefit, hosted collaboratively by downtown boutique Che Bello, Boomerang Retro and Relics, the Corner Boutique, Yooper Shirts and more, attracted almost 40 eager fashioneers to raise $1,000 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Marquette.

Through the sea of guests in blacks, whites and neutrals, I spied a flouncy floral blazer. The refreshing jacket clung to sophomore public relations major Emma Finkbeiner,  intern at Che Bello. When I looked down to see that her unthonged feet were properly tucked into little bootie heels, I praised the Lord. She described her style as “cozy chic.”

“As an extremely busy and involved student, I like to dress up my casual outfits with funky jewelry or a nice blazer,” Finkbeiner said. “It’s about comfort but also stepping out of your comfort zone.”

After the show I came to this conclusion: during the transitional spring weather, a slow, discrete and relevant integration of lighter garments remains key.

Put less of an emphasis on categorization and intermingle all items while dressing for the weather. It should feel natural, not fussy.

Since we’re stuck doing the winter shuffle, what with the parking pandemonium, towering snow plows and extended parking ban, we might as well do it in color-blocked pastels.

If Memorial Day means white pants for purists, and changing leaves gives plaids in all tartans two thumbs up, then the flip-floppy controversy is on Muma Nature. One thing I think we can agree on is that socks and sandals are an embarrassing faux pas that makes most little piggies go wah-wah-wah all the way home.