Carnival promotes awareness for all cancers

Clairisa Laws

The Cancer Awareness Committee will host the second annual Cancer Awareness Carnival from 2 to 5 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 11, in the courtyard between Magers and Van Antwerp Halls. The event is open to students and the community and is free of charge.

The Cancer Awareness Committee was founded by sophomore business management major Stephanie Tew last year. Tew said she started the committee last year when she was diagnosed with cancer.

“Last year I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer,” Tew said. “I started the committee so that people could learn more about the different types of cancer.”

Cancer Awareness Committee Adviser and Magers Hall Resident Director Kyle Lannon said Tew started the committee in her house government — Hero House in Gant Hall.

“Our students became so passionate about this committee that we had to create a subcommittee of our hall government, as it took up all of our time each week,” Lannon said.

The budget of the Cancer Awareness Committee was too large as a hall government subcommittee according to Lannon, so Tew submitted an application to be a student organization.

The committee originally wanted three large campus-wide events.

“The group then decided to combine all three events and focus on the carnival our first year, as they realized the work needed to make a large event like this happen successfully,” Lannon said.

Through the commitment to this annual event, the group had a head start on planning.

“We have committed members that wanted to make sure we were successful, and started planning this event last spring,” Lannon said. “[This year] Stephanie has really stepped up and been keeping the group rolling this semester.”

According to Tew, the Cancer Awareness Committee is getting student organizations involved so they can help run booths.

Each booth will have a different type of cancer to research and inform about. The scavenger hunt will coincide with that.

“Last year we only had about 15 groups,” Tew said. “This year we have about 20 groups involved. We are going to have more food and more drinks this year.”

Senior illustration major Kelsey Adams has been with the group since it was founded. Adams said she wanted to get involved to help people understand and learn more about the different types of cancer.

“I am really excited that we already got more groups to sign up than last year,” Adams said. “The event is going to be a lot of fun. It’s about learning and trying to get awareness [of cancer] out there.”

Last academic year, the Cancer Awareness Carnival was held in March 2014, at the PEIF. To increase participation, the group decided upon the area between Magers and Van Antwerp.

“We are in a place of high traffic area to get more people involved and get more people to come out this year,” Adams said. “We are hoping to get 100 to 200 people involved.”

Games, prizes, booths, bingo, a scavenger hunt, bounce houses, beverages and food will be available at the event.

“There will be food, there will be games,” Tew said. “It’s right by the dorms so it’s easy to go to. You can come and go as you please.”

Lannon said the event will be a great time for those who attend.

“It’s hard not to have fun when you’re playing carnival games, learning new things, and interacting with students and community members that are so passionate about helping others.”

If interested in joining the Cancer Awareness Committee, meetings take place at 8 p.m. Thursdays in the Gant/Spalding lobby. For more information about the Cancer Awareness Carnival, visit the group’s Facebook page “Cancer Awareness Committee.”