NMU kicks off climate talks

Trevor Drew

The Paris Climate talks were brought to Marquette on Friday, Jan. 22 to discuss how the talks will have global, national and even local impacts.

Presented by the Northern Climate Network (NCN),  Jennifer Hill, who is program manager at Superior Watershed Partnership, led the discussion. The audience consisted of many diverse individuals, ranging from students, to faculty, to Marquette residents. Despite the various differences, all were very interested in learning more about the climate issue and how the powers that be are handling the situation.

“There are 196 countries in the world and 189 of them were in Paris. It just blows my mind that that’s how comprehensive this meeting was,” Hill said.

Hill delivered an engaging presentation while also encouraging audience members to discuss climate change issues amongst each other. Hill spoke of the key points that were reached during the Paris Climate talks as well as stressing the importance of further acts of diplomatic conversation for further progress in resolving the climate issue.

“It has taken a few times, a few misfires and a few successes down the line,” Hill said. “But this [talk] has really come to a strong outcome.”

The presentation was the first in a series that NCN hopes to continue to organize. Melissa Orzechowski, senior environmental studies and sustainability, English writing and communications major, is a member of the NCN.

“The purpose of these meetings are to connect different groups and individuals in the Marquette area that are interested in addressing climate change,” Orzechowski said.

Not only did the presentation inform, but it also acted as a public forum for those interested in discussing the matter. Many attendees were excited to meet fellow community members who also share their interest in climate change.

“I’m here because I want to see who the other people are in the community that are thinking the way I am and want to make a difference,” Marquette resident Marge Forslin explained.

A lot of those who attended stayed behind even after the presentation to converse and discuss their feelings on the issue as well as to invite those interested in attending other public meetings to establish a stronger sense of community.

The NCN will continue its series and will host a viewing of the documentary film “This Changes Everything” followed by discussion at 7:00 p.m. Jan. 27 in Jamrich 1100, as well as a presentation titled “What is Bio-Char?” at noon on Jan. 29 in Jamrich 1320.