Java Bay with the ‘best breakfast burrito’

Dain Holter

The small, cozy cafe serves up breakfast classics, tasty deli sandwiches, hot grilled sandwiches as well as a variety of hot and cold specialty coffee, tea and smoothie drinks.

re-javabay-ssJava Bay is located on North Third Street and opened its doors summer in 2015.

The cafe is a unique, fast-casual style eatery. You order your food at the front counter and take a seat at one of the tables, which are embellished with a centerpiece of pumpkins and a dried corn cob to add a seasonal feel to it’s homey setting.

An expansive menu for a cafe, narrowing my meal choice was tough. I decided to order the grilled portabella sandwich and the breakfast burrito on the recommendation of several people.
In just under 10 minutes the food arrived. The staff was prompt and friendly.

The breakfast burrito was a massive pocket of deliciousness. Stacked with eggs, black beans, cheddar cheese, hash browns, chopped sausage, salsa and then wrapped up into a square pocket of tortilla, almost like the shape of a sandwich. It’s then grilled so the tortilla forms a nice crisp outer layer to contrast the burrito’s soft inside. Served with a side of sour cream, the plate is then garnished with lettuce, tomato and jalapeno.

This is the best breakfast burrito in all of Marquette, hands down.

First off, it’s huge, there is no way to feel even remotely peckish after finishing one of these. After indulging in the first bite, the many layers of the burrito are revealed and combine to overwhelm your tastebuds with flavor. Each component is apparent yet combines together divinely to create this magnificent burrito.

The grilled portabella sandwich was also exceedingly excellent. Its ingredients are relatively simple, but the flavor is not. The sandwich is a combination of sautéed portabella, basil, tomato, and a cheese combo of Swiss, parmesan, and provolone. It’s all served on a marble rye bread with a balsamic sauce on the side. The sandwich by itself is delicious, but the creamy balsamic sauce served on the side gives it a nice tangy kick and brings a new element to the flavor profile all fusing to deliver this unique sandwich twist.

Overall, Java Bay is a great breakfast or brunch spot as they open early and close in the early afternoon.

They offer breakfast options all with their own spin. Whether you are looking to grab that coveted cup of coffee or would like to sit down to enjoy your morning meal, Java Bay offers a cozy environment and tasty eats.

The Java Bay menu, hours and their daily specials can be found on their Facebook page.