Music with a message coming to NMU

Trinity Carey

Olmeca breaks down the walls of diversity with his Spanish/English hip-hop music and message. His prose will fill the Charcoal Room of the University Center, at 7 p.m. Oct. 19.

The Latino hip-hop artist, scholar and activist speaks out about issues such as cultural identity and youth empowerment through his use of hip-hop pedagogy.

His music celebrates Latin American diaspora across the United States, according to his website

Olmeca’s performance is being brought by NMU’s Multicultural Education Resource Center (MERC) which aims to promote diversity across the campus. His performance will bring an important message to the NMU students, said Associate Director of the MERC Shirley Brozzo.

“It’s motivation. It’s encouraging youth to go do something, whatever that something may be that’s important to them,” she said.

Brozzo and others of the MERC feel Olmeca is a great fit to bring to NMU because he is a young artist and can connect well with the student population. Similar artists using prose to spread messages, have been brought to Northern, such as Michael Reyes and Bakari Kitwana, but this will be Olmeca’s first time at NMU.

He has performed at various other schools such as Ferris State University, University of Notre Dame, Everett College and many more.

Olmeca has shared the stage with KRS-One, collaborated with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas and other artists, and has been featured on ABC, FOX and the renowned TV series “Sons of Anarchy.”

The goal of his music is to bring attention, critical thinking and understanding to relative issues within society while promoting diversity and empowering others.

The theme is giving more motivation and affirmation to the youth that anything is possible, Brozzo said.

“He’s not just up there lecturing at you. He is giving a performance, a presentation, a lecture, all rolled into one.”

More information on the artist and his work can be found on Olmeca’s website.