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Disability Services updates on-campus ESA procedures
Disability Services updates on-campus ESA procedures
Ava Sehoyan and Katarina RothhornOctober 3, 2023

Video game shines too much light on fairy tale theme

Video game shines too much light on fairy tale theme

“Child of Light” is a role playing game (RPG) where you take on the role of young Aurora, who, for all intents and purposes, died in her sleep only to wake in the land of Lemuria and was tasked with the job of collecting the three lights of the land: the sun, moon and stars.

It has an in-your-face fairy tale quality to it and follows the formula of “mother dies and father remarries the evil stepmother.” Yet, it varies from the typical fairy tale setup as the stepmother and her daughters try to destroy and take over the kingdom.

re-ChildOfLight.OnlineThe fight system in the game is similar to an Active Time Battle (ATB) style where there is a progress bar on the screen that shows how close you and the enemies are to the active section that gives players the ability to attack.

For my playthrough I felt that the game was okay. The art style was amazing and some of the characters had to have been some of my favorites I’ve seen in awhile. The game tries to add a little something to the basic ATB fighting system.

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Rubella was one of the most amusing characters. She is a jester whose main dilemma is that her brother left to join the circus without her, so she joins Aurora on her adventure in hopes of reuniting with her brother. The main thing that makes her comical is the fact that she seems to purposefully not rhyme. At the end of her dialogue there is always a pause before her last word, like she is thinking what doesn’t rhyme just to mess with the constant rhyming from other characters.

The art in some of the cut scenes or event scenes of the game are done with a stain glass design similar to that of “Beauty and the Beast.” The rest of the art is similar to that of Japanese watercolor, delicate with a touch of whimsical. A design element that I found truly beautiful was the waterlike movement of Aurora’s hair when she suddenly stops moving.

The interesting fighting mechanic in the game is the use of Igniculus the firefly. He can be used in battle to distract and slow down enemies giving you a chance to get a few extra hits in or to heal your team. He can also be used outside of fighting to reach items you can’t get to.

If you want to play co-op Igniculus is the character player two controls. The downside of playing him is that the player’s role is much more passive.

Some things that aren’t so great is that the rhyming doesn’t stop with the narrations, the music sounds similar throughout and the fighting isn’t all that difficult.

I get wanting to stick to a fairy tale theme, but after a while the rhyming seems pretty forced. Not rhyming from Rubella keeps it from getting annoying for a bit longer. It still gets old though.

The soundtrack definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game and is beautifully done, though a lot of the tracks sound very similar to one another. That doesn’t mean it’s completely terrible. It’s calming, with its moments of intensity, and is rather enchanting.

Other than being able to use Igniculus in battle, the game is a pretty basic ATB style role play game with battles that feel like one big grind session since you can quickly find out enemies weaknesses, but you can always bump up the difficulty setting to fix that.

The only fights that prove to be difficult are the boss battles, since they actually use status effects to modify your character’s original stats such as lowering your speed or your attack power. These effects are mainly used on players simply to make winning more difficult.

Some common status effects in the game are to either slow you down so it takes longer to reach the attack section of the progress bar or to completely freeze you in place for a certain amount of time. It also isn’t explained that the space bar is how you select your actions in a fight when playing on a computer. There are also some pretty easy puzzles in the game that don’t truly add anything.

Overall, for what you pay for the game you get a lot out of it. It’s available for $14.99 on a large number of platforms such as Playstation 3 and 4, Playstation Vita, Playstation Portable, Xbox 360 and

One, Wii U, Microsoft Windows and Steam—an online game platform.

A short trial of the game is available for download for free on Steam.

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