Nordic Ski team gets ready to kick off season 

The Nordic Ski team participates in a tournament last season.

The Nordic Ski team participates in a tournament last season.

Jamie Glenn

Skis are tight and hopes are high as the Nordic Ski team sets their sights on another season of racing.

Head coach Sten Fjeldheim has been affiliated with a number of Northern teams and has been contribut- ing to the Nordic Ski team since 1987.

“Our athletes have been dry land training since the first week of school and all summer. They are chomp- ing at the bit to race,” Fjeldheim said. “That’s what it takes, 24/7 athletes. There’s no such thing as an off sea- son anymore.”

The team is looking to compete in some big events this season. The season opener was supposed to take place at home on Dec. 9, but due to the lack of snow- fall, the location of the opening scrimmage has been moved to Michigan Tech in Houghton.

Fjeldheim said the team will return from Christmas break and prepare for the U.S. Nationals Collegiate Cup from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8. They will also be hosting the NCAA regionals this year, as they ultimately prepare for the NCAA Championships in February.

“I think we’ve got some really good additions to the team. Some freshmen are pushing the upperclassmen. The athletes that were here last year came back fitter and stronger so that’s another big positive,” Fjeldheim said. “Assistant coach Andrew Keller has done a super job. It’s been awesome having him around.”

The team has made some improvements during the off season and has high hopes can be seen for the sea- son ahead.

“They’ve all improved on their strength tests, on their three calendar running times, so we have those tests, they’ve all improved on the roller ski classic tests, so their technique is getting better every year, it’s very posi- tive. I think we’re going to have a very strong program again this year,” Fjeldheim concluded.