Notable alumni can be neighbors too



North Wind Staff

Nestled in the forests of the Upper Peninsula, Northern students go to school where most Michiganders vacation. We hike and jump in the most superior of the Great Lakes in between classes, study in hammocks and walk to the lake from our dorm rooms, but our university provides us with more than just outdoor experiences.

At Northern, we’re not accustomed to 300 person lecture halls for each class or taking a bus to get the other side of campus. Instead, we know our professors on a first name basis, grow relationships with those in our program and have an array of internships and jobs available to us before we even step off campus.

Whether it pertains to your major or is simply for recreation, Northern has a club or an organization for you to pursue any and every interest that may cross your mind.

This university provides, not only an academic experience, but a hands-on campus geared toward preparing us for our careers and developing our character before we set out into the job market, and the world.

Our campus and student population of around 8,000 may be small, but our alumni have proved a small school
doesn’t mean small accomplishments. NMU’s list of notable alumni far surpasses Starbucks executive Howard Schultz, whose picture hangs in multiple university buildings. In just the last year, multiple alumni have made headlines for their selfless acts, athletic accomplishments, social advocacy and more. NMU alumnus Ernest Rospierske was grazed by a bullet during the Florida school shooting and aided in saving a group of students by ushering them to safe spaces throughout school. Chris Mosier actively advocates for transgender youth athletes. Nick Baumgartner participated in the XXII Olympic Winter Games.

Many outstanding people were once walking through Jamrich each day just like us, and even more went on to make an impact locally by becoming active members of our own community. Professors, artists and business owners in Marquette make up another long list of NMU graduates who are working toward bettering humanity, without leaving the community they came from.

As we become alumni ourselves, don’t forget the alumni we looked up to, and remember that having your name or NMU’s name known on a national level isn’t necessary to make a difference.