Sound Off: Should the federal voting age change?


North Wind Staff

Sam Cassidy

Junior mechanical engineering technology

“It should stay at 18. People have more responsibility at that age, but when they’re younger they’re exposed to more negative influence from friends and have less ability to reason.”

Samantha Ozanich

Senior digital cinema

“It should stay the same because a lot of people that are over 18 still don’t take advantage of being able to vote. A lower age may not be utilized.”

Quinlan Scully

Freshman art and design

“It’s at a good age now. At 18 you start to think on your own and make decisions. At 16 you’re still trying to work things out.”

Megan Palacio

Junior biochemistry

“I voted in the last election and I think if I was 16 when I did I would have felt less informed.”