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North Wind Staff

Since 1972, The North Wind has served the campus community as an independent student press, but what does that really mean?

First, we are independent. Free from the influence of those who seek control of narrative, The North Wind holds firm a uniquely objective position at Northern. As university watchdogs, we ensure students are aware of what’s taking place in their environment. Students are constantly impacted by the actions of the adminstration and faculty, and it’s of the utmost importance that they are held accountable.

Second, we are students. As Wildcats, we cheer on our teams at athletic events, trudge through the snow to class in the winter, and stomach the campus dining food. But, every Wednesday night, a diverse group of people come together in a small office in Gries Hall to undertake what we consider a duty: informing other students about the community they live in.

Lastly, we are press. No, we’re not some bloated media company that plasters bold headlines across the papers and televisions in order to make money. We’re just a group of young journalists on campus who believe it’s our responsibility, and privilege, to serve as a mouthpiece for students.

So there it is: an independent student press. As an organization, we are and always will be committed to transparency. It’s part of the reason The North Wind was selected as the student organization for the 2017-2018 school year. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that our administration and university do the same. Transparency breeds honesty, and secures integrity. To create an honest local government, one needs a strong press, bound by ethics and a sense of purpose. Supporting The North Wind helps further that mission.

A strong press means a strong student body, a student body that is aware when faculty practice malfeasance, and responds firmly. This last year, when a professor was secretly sexually harrassing students, The North Wind was the one who broke the story. That professor no longer teaches at this university.

Anyone who believes that the student voice matters, that local government and university leadership should answer to their people, and that a free press means a free people, belong here.