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TRADITION — Established in 1979, the Moosemen hold the distinction of being NMUs oldest campus club.
Moosemen rugby embracing tradition with new season underway
Caden SierraSeptember 22, 2023

Campus political groups advocate their party


The presidents of each NMU political club argue why their party deserves your vote

College Democrats

Why should you
vote Democrat?

Because no one ever
said, “that’s a nice
piece of elephant!”

Healthcare: Thanks
to Democrats, if you
are a young person, you can now stay on your parents’

plan until age 26. If you have a preexisting condition, insurance companies can also no longer deny you coverage.

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Net Neutrality: Democrats have been trying to pass legislation to guarantee net neutrality so that broadband providers will not be able to discriminate between “preferred”

websites and those run by Average Joes. Republicans have
thus far blocked such legislation. Without congressional
Democrats, net neutrality and the web as we know it, may
be gone for good.

Protecting our Earth: Democrats consistently push for
innovation and green technology. Climate reports state
that we have to do something before 2030 or climate
change may be irreversible. Always vote for your planet.
Proposal 1: This year we have three important proposals
on the ballot. The first is on the legalization of marijuana
for adults 21 and over. Voting in favor means protecting

communities and ending the unjust arrest of 20,000 Michiganders annually.

Proposal 2: Voting yes on ending gerrymandering takes
power away from special interest groups and politicians
and gives it back to the people.

Proposal 3: Voting in favor will improve access to the
ballot for working families while updating and improving
the security of our voting system.

Not every Democratic and Republican candidate fits
neatly into the generalizations about their party, and it is

important to learn about each specific candidate’s platform. You must remember that, at the end of the day, most

senators and representatives are going to vote with their
party leaders. If you decide to stay home on Election Day

because you are not particularly excited about your specific Democratic candidate, you still need to vote. There is

more than just candidates on the ballot. Even if you feel
like you are choosing between the lesser of two evils, you
need to make that choice. Apathy is not an option.

College Republicans

Being a Republican
means believing in
three things. First, the
rights and freedoms
of the individual are
second to none. Next,
the best government
is a small government. It exists as a framework to allow
free enterprise and individuals to make their own choices,

and performs only the vital functions that private interests cannot. Lastly, as Americans we have a responsibility

to ourselves, our children and people across the world to
promote and protect liberty and justice. These midterm

elections are a referendum not just on the current administration, but on this ideology.

Individual liberty is the foundation that our country was
built upon. Once the authoritarian rule of the British was
cast off, our founding fathers enumerated our freedoms
in the Bill of Rights. The whims of the collective or the
government cannot be allowed to usurp the rights of the
individual. People ought to be able to pursue their own
interests and do whatever makes them happy, so long as
they do not infringe on the rights of others.

The founding fathers also created a constitution that
reflects ideas of small governance. Especially regarding

the economy, minimal interference allows efficient allocation of resources. It’s no surprise that since Republicans

were voted into power in 2016, unemployment rates are
reaching historic lows, GDP growth bolstered and recently
reached an astonishing 4.2 percent and the stock market
has risen to all-time highs. Consumer confidence has also
been reestablished, growing to the highest levels since the
internet-fueled boom of the 90s.

While domestic issues are important, we must not forget national relations. In the last year, our country has affirmed its dedication to our allies, and solidified its relationship with Israel. While past administrations drew lines

in the sand and refused to act when they were crossed, Republicans have not hesitated to stop our enemies in their

tracks. Speaking of enemies, remember when ISIS was in
the news? Haven’t heard much from them recently.

Voting red means a stronger economy, protection of our
liberties and strength at home and abroad.

Young Americans for Liberty

The nature of
American politics has
become polarized to
a venomous degree.
As a result, the United
States is losing sight of
its original principles
of individual liberty. While the Libertarian Party may at

present have considerably less support than the two traditional parties, we have nevertheless reached significant

milestones lately. Currently, 186 Libertarian politicians
hold positions across the United States in government.
The mainstream parties have become increasingly hostile
in their views of each other, and even uglier, many average
members of each party have succumbed to toxic hatred of
those with opposing views. Left outside of this spectrum of
partisan political pollution are two groups: disenfranchised

voters disillusioned by the state of the party they once ardently supported and independent voters who may feel

pigeonholed into voting for either of two extremes,
although neither fully represents them.

The Libertarian Party thus found the opportunity to
poise itself as the champion of these two groups. As a
party of principle, the Libertarian Party historically has
defended individual liberty. Some examples of this defense

include seeking to shrink the scope of government, lowering taxes, defending gay marriage and at the very least decriminalizing, if not legalizing, recreational marijuana. In

a nuanced fashion, our party has also opposed some ideas
shared by Democrats and Republicans alike that destroy
our liberties, such as government spying, the war on drugs
and the war on terror. Our party possesses some politically
centric tendencies, while holding itself grounded to the

American principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By uniting ideas of the left and right which support

individual liberty, the Libertarian Party offers a legitimate

third option to voters who wish to turn away from the political duopoly which has failed them.

With the support of one’s vote, the Libertarian Party
may continue to make strides in order to better represent

the average United States citizen, and to allow for a liberty-oriented middle way between Democrats and Republicans for the everyday American.

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