NMU ticket sales undergoes transformation

NMU ticket sales undergoes transformation

Kirsi Wildfong

Northern Michigan Universities athletic department wasn’t making any jokes this April Fools’ day when launching the new and improved ticket sales website. The site includes a number of new features that make buying tickets that much simpler, especially from your smart phone.

NMU has been working with the same ticket sales vendor for nearly eight years, but the system was outdated. Local fans and students communicated a difficulty when trying to buy tickets online. The previous site was designed primarily for computer use, and not mobile devices.

“Everything [other sale websites] are so user friendly and visually friendly and our system was just not that way, it was very difficult,” NMU’s Associate Athletic Director for business and finance Robin Burke said. “I think people were just at a point when we needed to be more up to date and modern.”

The new site is not only visually appealing, but it is also easy to use. New features include: view from the seat, text handoff, QR codes and apple pay. The ‘View From Seat’ feature allows the buyer to not only see where they are sitting, but also what their view will be. Text Handoff, QR codes and apple pay make using your mobile device to buy, sell, and use tickets much simpler.

“We feel like we are finally at a good place with being modern and up to date,” said Burke.

The new and improved site can be tested by purchasing a ticket for the Marquette Symphony, Forest Roberts Theatre or an NMU athletic event.