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If you want a change, then make it happen

Alex Belz April 20, 2011

At the Leadership Banquet last Thursday, April 14th, the pamphlets handed out were inscribed with an inspirational quote from President Barack Obama: “We are the change we seek. We are the ones we’ve...

Medical Marijuana law needs a major overhaul

Alex Belz April 14, 2011

Since the medical marijuana law was legalized in a proposition approved by Michigan voters in 2008, people have been scratching their heads. The law is overly confusing, leaving many aspects of the new...

Net neutrality must be defended in Congress

Alex Belz April 7, 2011

Imagine the Internet as we know it is gone. Instead of freely surfing with four tabs up – your twitter, your Facebook, your email and a StumbleUpon page – you’re constricted in what you can view,...

The discrimination needs to end in Wal-Mart stores

Alex Belz March 31, 2011

Like many college students, I do a lot of shopping at Wal-Mart. Also like many college students, I usually feel pretty bad about it. The controversies for the store speak for themselves: there’s the...

Nonprofit funding should be defended

Alex Belz March 24, 2011

In the past few weeks, there’s been a lot in the news about collective bargaining rights, protests and state-level politics. In all the news, one major issue has been mostly under the radar: Gov. Rick...

New Zealand band hit in U.S.

Alex Belz March 24, 2011

If you haven’t heard of The Naked and Famous yet, you might want to get on YouTube or iTunes and look them up. Their second single, “Young Blood,” was the first song in three years by a New Zealand...

New legislation a harsh necessity for Michigan

Alex Belz March 17, 2011

Since the Michigan House passed the first version of H.R. 4214, a bill that expands and clarifies the powers of emergency financial managers (EFMs), there’s been a lot of talk in the media about what...

Education community should re-evaluate itself

Alex Belz March 10, 2011

We’ve all heard the speech from our parents and high school guidance counselors before: a college degree is essential to landing a job in this modern era. The days of getting a good job with only a high...

Michigan stays rational after Wisconsin protests

Alex Belz February 24, 2011

Today, Feb. 24, unions at this university are meeting to “discuss strategies to counter threats to collective bargaining rights here in Michigan and ways to express solidarity with state workers in Wisconsin...

What’s in a gnome? Lots of gimmicks

Alex Belz February 24, 2011

About 20 minutes into the movie, someone in “Gnomeo and Juliet” finally asks the question on every adult viewer’s mind from the moment the credits begin: what’s in a gnome? This profound take on...

Feminists shouldn’t attack one another

Alex Belz February 17, 2011

I came across a feminist website while using StumbleUpon. The site discussed a poster put up in a large city in France outside of a gym. There was a picture of a mermaid and a whale with the caption: “This...

Same-sex couples should have benefits

Alex Belz February 10, 2011

Recently, the Michigan Civil Service Commission voted 3-1 to allow benefits to state employees in same-sex relationships. The decision applies to three labor unions in the state, covering 70 percent of...

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