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Basic Income Guarantee program solution for social welfare

Brian Westrick April 11, 2013

The social safety nets in the United States of America are broken. Unemployment insurance pays out billions of dollars to people who are ineligible for benefits; millions of dollars are incorrectly denied...

Harsh future for Republicans

Brian Westrick November 15, 2012

Democrats and Republicans have adapted. They shifted their views, beliefs and platforms based on what resonates within American culture. Democrats were once the vehement pro-slavery party. They now...

Students should fact check

Brian Westrick November 1, 2012

It was Thomas Jefferson who said, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” A study cited by Rick Shenkman, history professor at George Mason University,...

Electoral College represents rural voters

Brian Westrick October 25, 2012

The Electoral College is a confusing concept for many. We’re aware of the simple version of it; presidential candidates attempt to win states, rather than individual votes. By winning these states,...

Voter ID laws to disenfranchise Americans

Brian Westrick October 4, 2012

American citizens are supremely fortunate to have the right to vote for governmental officials. We hold this right very dear and believe that it is the duty of every citizen to have their voices heard...

Vancouver Canucks ruin hockey

Brian Westrick April 19, 2012

Enough is enough, Vancouver Canucks. At what point will you take responsibility for the damage you have done to our proud sport? How is it that one team can be so insufferable in every way that...

‘Gas out’ lowering the price of gasoline a myth “

Brian Westrick April 12, 2012

We’ve all gotten the emails, seen the Facebook posts or heard about it via word of mouth. “Don’t buy gas on April 15. Drive down the gas prices. Boycott the gas stations.” It happens year...

‘Kony 2012’ misled people with film

Brian Westrick March 29, 2012

It happened suddenly, late at night. Before we knew it, lots of us were on the frontlines of a fight we didn’t fully understand. Many of us were too young to even have a rudimentary understanding...

Santorum’s views scare U.S. voters

Brian Westrick March 1, 2012

Any of my friends can tell you I am not shy about my political beliefs. I don’t truly fall under the liberal or conservative umbrellas, but I do have very strong feelings about nearly every issue. I...

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