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The North Wind

Review: Z2 part 2

Ian Crane April 23, 2015

Now that you’ve seen the light side of Townsend, how about we get into the dark side of HevyDevy? In the first part of my review of Devin Townsend’s most recent solo album, “Z2,” I looked at the...

Regina Carter headlines NMU Jazz Festival

Ian Crane April 16, 2015

From age four, Regina Carter has been playing the violin.  Flash forward a few decades and Carter is one of the most successful and internationally-acclaimed violinists in jazz. In recent years, Carter...

Alternative salon makes home in Marquette

Ian Crane April 9, 2015

“I had a girl come here from Pennsylvania to get her hair colored,” Rena Yelle, owner of the Marquette beauty salon, Kolor 2 Dye 4, said when talking about the kinds of customers she gets in the salon. “It...

Review: A new meaning for bipolar

Ian Crane April 9, 2015

This album has been promised for over half a decade. After Devin Townsend’s release of “Ziltoid the Omniscient” in 2007 (which tells the story of Ziltoid, an alien from the fourth dimension who invades...

Hospitality class serving up Motown fusion with Detroit themed banquet

Ian Crane April 8, 2015

Marquette will be shown some Detroit themed hospitality this Friday, April 10 at the Motown Gala Banquet. This is the 18th annual community-wide themed banquet, which is put on by the HM-225 Hospitality...

What’s all this racket about a new music venue?

Ian Crane February 26, 2015

In a single room, a stage is dimly lit by two sets of multi-colored stage lights.  Sound monitors dot the front of the stage with amplifiers sitting symmetrically on each side.  A drum set is near the...

Technical death metal album breaks mold

Ian Crane October 2, 2014

Unless one is a fan, seldom does a technical death metal release inspire any real reaction for the metal fan base.  Much of it is similar in composition and is often times have songs that are but excuses...

Heathen hearts show Pagan pride on Viking metal album

Ian Crane September 25, 2014

Scandinavia is known as a breeding ground for extreme metal.  So many different sub-genres of metal come from this relatively small part of the world.Folk metal, which is heavy metal that calls on lyrical...

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