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‘Avengers’ does comic fans a justice

Justin Marietti June 14, 2012

My brother and I grew up reading comic books. Every week, we looked forward to Wednesday, when the new issues would arrive at the news stand. Now, it seems as though every summer, we find ourselves...

Futuristic space action loses viewers

Justin Marietti April 26, 2012

In “Lockout,” Guy Pearce stars as the ill-fated “Snow,” who begins the film as a rogue agent of some sort. Someone has set his team up, and Snow happens to be the lone survivor as well...

‘Cabin’ breaks mold on horror films

Justin Marietti April 19, 2012

The trailers for “The Cabin in the Woods” painted the picture of a film that would simply regurgitate the same old cliché material its slasher film predecessors had laid down decades before. After...

‘Mirror’ not fairest movie of them all

Justin Marietti April 12, 2012

The Grimm fairy tale “Snow White” has been popular in film just about as long as film has existed. The first “Snow White” movie appeared roughly 110 years ago, in 1902. Of course, the story...

‘Pie’ reunites to revitalize franchise

Justin Marietti April 12, 2012

“American Pie” was undoubtedly one of the defining and well-known comedies of the late ‘90s. The film was subsequently followed by two sequels, and then dribbled into relative obscurity by...

‘Titans’ become gods of terrible movies

Justin Marietti April 11, 2012

When the remake of “Clash of the Titans” came out in 2010, I was a bit nervous. I am such a huge fan of the original, and it looked like they were going to completely transform it into a more modern...

‘Games’ reaps top box office numbers

Justin Marietti March 29, 2012

“The Hunger Games” utterly destroyed the competition at the box office its opening weekend with a staggering $214 million worldwide, and $155 million in North America. This opening marks the...

Overdramatic horror film fails horribly

Justin Marietti March 22, 2012

“Silent House” is a new horror film that boasts in its advertisements that it was filmed to appear as though it was one continuous take. However, rather than delivering an innovating, seat-grabbing...

Epic teenage party makes average film

Justin Marietti March 15, 2012

Todd Phillips is the director of what was perhaps Hollywood’s biggest comedy in the past decade, “The Hangover.” This time around, he is in the producer’s chair for the third found-footage...

‘Valor’ boring yet accurate in SEAL life

Justin Marietti March 1, 2012

“Act of Valor” was very heavily advertised before its release and the theater was nearly full as a result. The trailers pitched this film as an unprecedented one because it used real, active-duty...

‘War’ frustratingly tolerable romance

Justin Marietti February 23, 2012

Director McG returns to the screen with the campy romantic comedy, “This Means War,” his first directorial job since 2009s “Terminator Salvation.” The film follows two very close CIA agents,...

Denzel saves audience from boredom

Justin Marietti February 16, 2012

Denzel Washington returns to the screen with yet another action movie, “Safe House.” This time around, he stars as Tobin Frost, an ex-CIA agent who has gone rogue and landed himself atop the most...

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