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The North Wind

Guidance for transition

megan.keller and megan.keller June 8, 2007
When I began college four years ago, I thought I knew everything about it. Unfortunately, the information you are spoon-fed by well-intentioned collegiate officials doesn't quite cover everything you need to know. While everyone you know nowadays may be giving you advice, I hope that this advice is taken to heart as it's from a recent graduate.

Eliminate the double standard

megan.keller and megan.keller April 26, 2007
Many students probably heard about the Don Imus case no less than 500 times in the last few weeks from various news sources. After being fired April 12 from his weekday morning radio show for calling the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos," everyone, including Imus, probably expected the case to slide into history, quickly forgotten until someone else makes a racial slur in the media.

Be wary of credit cards

megan.keller and megan.keller April 19, 2007
Last year, someone randomly gave me a coupon for a free Subway sandwich outside the library. I thought it was my lucky day-until I reached the fast food eatery. Inside were two suited credit card representatives from Citibank on an apparent college tour. My coupon was nothing more than a piece of paper.

Pageants don’t reflect society

megan.keller and megan.keller April 12, 2007
It happens every year: Women parade down a catwalk in a variety of outfits to schmaltzy music. Within hearing the first few notes of the theme, you know exactly what you're watching: the annual Miss America and Miss USA pageants. While it's been debated for years that pageants are archaic and sexist, there is a greater issue at hand.
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