Candidates for gov. square off Nov. 2

NW Staff

Republican Rick Snyder

Republican candidate for governor, Rick Snyder, labels himself as a job creator. Snyder attended Battle Creek Lakeview High School before attending the University of Michigan, where he earned three degrees. Snyder went on to become president and chief operating officer of Gateway.  Snyder  was appointed to chair of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in 1999, where he expanded Michigan’s public-private economic development programs. Snyder plans on reinventing Michigan using a plan of 10 steps. Those steps include creating jobs and reforming Michigan’s tax system. Snyder chose State Representative Brian Calley as his Lieutenant Governor. Calley is currently serving his second term in the state house of representatives. He was voted legislator of the year in 2008 by the Michigan Small Business Association.

The Issues

Economic plan – Snyder’s economic plan includes reducing taxes for businesses,  eliminating the Michigan Business Tax, improving Michigan’s international image, and increasing Michigan’s small business community to focus less on manufacturing.

Constitutional convention – Against the constitutional convention proposal on the ballot, Snyder feels the focus should be on Michigan’s current economic crisis.

Higher education – Snyder believes that a well-educated workforce is important in revitalizing Michigan’s economy. Snyder supports tuition aid based on student’s needs.

Abortion – While he is pro-life, Snyder supports stem cell research. Snyder is willing to    put his personal beliefs behind him, however, to uphold the voter’s wishes.

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Democrat Virg Bernero

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is the democratic candidate for governor. Bernero was labeled by CNN as “America’s angriest mayor” due to his outspoken criticism of the alliance between Wall Street and Washington.  Bernero served previously as  a state representative and a state senator in the Michigan Legislature before becoming mayor of Lansing, a position he has held for four years. During his time as mayor, Bernero has eliminated $40 million in city budget deficits without raising taxes. Bernero has also been supportive of Michigan’s auto and manufacturing industries. Bernero is running with Brenda Lawrence as his Lieutenant Governor. Lawrence currently serves as the Mayor of Southfield, MI. She was profiled by Esquire Magazine, who called her one of the nations most hard working Mayors.

The Issues

Economic plan – A focus on changing the state’s economy to be more beneficial to Michigan families and less beneficial to Wall Street corporations is one of Bernero’s focuses. He also vows to defend Michigan manufacturing and the auto industry.

Constitutional convention – Bernero opposes the proposal for a constitutional convention.

Higher education – A reinstatement of the Michigan Promise Scholarship, alongside a tuition freeze for Michigan’s public universities are Bernero’s focus for improvement.

Abortion – Bernero is supportive of abortion rights. He has received endorsements from Planned Parenthood and the Michigan National Organization for Women.

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