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How to Give

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Did you know you can help the North Wind through charitable giving? We are a student organization, supported partially by the activity fee paid by each NMU student, and partially by advertising sales. We’ve been around since 1972. (Here’s the story of how the North Wind got started.)

But another part of our financial picture comes from donations from interested alumni and community supporters. It’s an important part to us, because financial autonomy is essential to a student newspaper, as prized as our editorial independence. Without the support of students, local advertisers, and the community, the North Wind could not fulfill its multiple missions: being a voice for students, an institutional watchdog, an enduring record of campus life and events, and a training ground for young journalists.

Besides being the campus’s student-run newspaper, the North Wind provides a sort of hands-on “journalism lab” for students who want to work in fields like writing, editing, photography, graphic design, and social media. Students also can work in advertising and sales, and business management.

We have two main purposes: to serve the NMU community through our work, and to educate students in journalism. We strive to train journalists who can be trusted; who can help their communities with accurate, objective news and information; who can fight misinformation and tell the truth. And our graduates can be found all over the country, and sometimes the world, doing just that.

So what do gifts to the North Wind do? They allow us to make sure we can fund things like outside educational opportunities, professional development for our staff through conferences, and memberships in journalism organizations that can help students network and find jobs. In other words, things that sometimes get trimmed out of a lean operating budget in years like 2020, but are still really important to help the North Wind move forward.

All charitable donations to the North Wind are overseen by the NMU Foundation (NMU’s nonprofit charitable arm), and are fully tax-deductible as part of your annual giving. You can make a gift in memory or in honor of someone, a one-time or recurring gift, or many other flexible options, here: Give