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The North Wind

VERY, VERY COLD — A sheet of ice enveloping the land. The Upper Peninsula gets quite cold during the winter, and not enough people understand that.

Opinion — If you dislike winter, why go to Northern?

Rachel Pott November 16, 2023

With the first snow of the year behind us, many people have already stated their love or hate for the snow. I often hear a lot of complaints about the snow and cold. Many people often go into hibernation...

LIFE OF WORK — Me sitting at my desk, preparing for another shift of directing news. Other than the occasional complaint of having to leave for work, I welcome the idea of working for the rest of my life.

Opinion — Preparing to work for the rest of your life

Harry Stine November 14, 2023

When talking to people my age, I often hear them say how excited they are to be done with college, but how nervous they are about the outside world. Specifically, stress about life when there is no college...

TOO MANY HOLIDAYS — Christmas and Thanksgiving, two of the biggest holidays of the year, are only one month apart. With all the travel, scheduling and extra baggage attached, this often makes more stress than holiday cheer.

Opinion — The holidays are too stuffed

Abigail Faix November 10, 2023

When you are younger, the holidays are this magical time of the year. Now, for me, it is just a pain. I personally have a hard time going home for the holidays, and there are a few reasons why.  For...

HOME SWEET HOME — My living room, where everything is in its right place. After having the place to myself, the first thing I did was rearrange the living room.

Opinion — Learning to live with roommates

Harry Stine November 2, 2023

In May of 2022, my father moved out of his house to live with his then-fiancé, now wife, and left the place to me. As long as I paid rent on the first of every month and utilities on the fourteenth, the...

FILLED WITH STUDENTS — Northerns Woodland Park, providing on-campus housing for NMU students. Woodland Park is one of four apartment complexes on Northerns campus.

Editorial — The many problems with Marquette housing

North Wind Editorial Board November 2, 2023

Whether you are a commuter or a resident, new to town or a long-time local, you probably know the housing situation in Marquette is less than desirable. Ask anyone you know, college-age or  long since...

POWER OF NOSTALGIA — I have many fond memories of my grandparents unique house and the times I spent there as a child. Although I cannot physically revisit the roundhouse, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Opinion — Memories and the power of nostalgia

Hannah Jenkins November 1, 2023

At this point, it seems pretty trite to talk about nostalgia and the memories it can evoke from something as simple as a smell or a sound. But the fact that it has become cliché doesn’t make it any...

20 SIDED DIE — My dice set for D&D, including the frequently used d20. Losing sets of dice has become a regular habit for me, as this is the third Ive bought.

Opinion — Tabletop RPGs: The nerdy poker night in college

Harry Stine November 1, 2023

The other week, I was at Iron Golem Games with a friend of mine, where I picked up a rulebook for a tabletop RPG called Mork Borg. Flipping through it, the rulebook looked like a death metal album cover...

EXTRA HELP — A sign pointing to campus tutoring. Sometimes a little time with a tutor is what we need to understand the material and land a better grade.

Editorial — Studying techniques and alternatives to midterms

North Wind Editorial Board October 31, 2023

Midterms are quite the mixed bag in college. One hand, they create a truckload of stress and force you to devote endless hours studying. On the other hand, they can save or wreck your grade at the drop...

SURPRISE GRADUATION — T.J. Tockensons dusty and forgotten diploma, waiting to be received.  Tockenson was deeply surprised when he realized he graduated from Northern three years ago.

Satire — CAMS student discovers he graduated three years ago

Dallas Wiertella October 31, 2023

After three years of being denied registration from classes, not being able to secure a parking pass, and not having a valid student ID, T.J. Tockenson, a student in the communication and media studies...

PARKING — NMU Lot 11, one of four commuter lots on campus. Ever since Lot 6 and 36 were switched to resident lots, the number of commuter spots available has been greatly reduced.

Opinion — The many problems with NMU parking

Harry Stine October 27, 2023

Oh, NMU parking. I remember my first two years at Northern without a car. I used to walk to class every day, even when winter temperatures fell into the negatives. On one particular journey to school,...

THE BEGINNING —  The Ore Dock Brewing Company, where I first did stand-up comedy. I wound up doing plenty more shows at the Ore Dock over the years, either from open mics or scheduled events.

Opinion — Life as a former comedian

Harry Stine October 26, 2023

When I was 17, I thought being a stand-up comedian was the coolest thing in the world. I used to spend countless hours after school watching and even rewatching specials by Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks and...

LOCAL THEATER — The Forest Roberts Theatre, where I discovered my newfound appreciation of local theater. Forest Roberts regularly hold productions, and I often attend them when my schedule allows.

Opinion — Learning to appreciate local theater

Harry Stine October 23, 2023

For years, I hated musical theater. I hated the sets, I hated the costumes, and I couldn’t stand that at any given moment I could be bombarded with an extended song and dance that stopped the plot in...

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