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The legend of Sal- Grand finale

The legend of Sal- Grand finale

Dallas Wiertella April 26, 2024

The Legend of Sal: Grand Finale I have worked at the North Wind student paper since November of 2020. I started as a contributing writer for the sports section. I was able to move into a writer position...

Biology student Grace Charles shares her ideas on how to protect our birds on campus.

Photo courtesy of Grace Charles

Opinion–Protecting the birds at NMU

Grace Charles April 26, 2024

Here at Northern Michigan University, we have many great buildings that provide us with protection from the frigid northern winters to learn and live. Not many of us think about the impacts these buildings...

Opinion — Its okay to outgrow your college friends

Opinion — It’s okay to outgrow your college friends

Megan Poe April 12, 2024

When first coming to NMU as a freshman, I could see all of these vast horizons around me, all of these potential futures with their own sets of unique memories yet to be discovered. I felt like I was just...

Opinion — Quiet on Set: Nickelodeon’s cycle of abuse

Megan Poe April 12, 2024

A few weeks ago, streaming platforms like MAX and Discovery+ released a new docuseries causing a rift both in Hollywood and Gen Z’s perception of their childhoods. “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids...

CONSENT — Amid the Gender Fair at NMU and the end of Women’s History Month, it’s time to discuss the danger of sexual coercion.

Opinion — Coercion is still sexual assault

Megan Poe April 11, 2024

When most people think about sexual assault, they imagine a brute act between a stranger and victim. However, 59% of sexual assaults happen to people who know the perpetrator, and they don’t happen by...

Opinion — Our unethical consumption of ‘Human Interest’ TV

Megan Poe April 11, 2024

As the great David Foster Wallace once said, “Television does a lot of our predatory human research for us.” The shut-ins watch the other shut-ins be shut-ins through a one-way apparatus, void of self-reflection...

Editorial — Is March Madness a gateway to sports gambling?

Editorial — Is March Madness a gateway to sports gambling?

North Wind Editorial Board April 1, 2024

With the beginning of March Madness and rising popularity of online sports gambling, this year’s question of the outcome isn’t which basketball team will win, but who will fall victim to the gateway...

Opinion — I havent read the book

Opinion — I haven’t read the book

Megan Poe March 29, 2024

As Alia Atreides says, “You are not prepared for what is to come.” Denis Villeneuve’s second installment of the sci-fi series comes to theaters and goes home with its audience. Between the immaculate...

GRADUATION LOOMS — I just had to buy my cap and gown at the graduation fair. I cant help but be filled with dread.

Opinion — “Spearheading” the looming stress of entering the job market

Megan Poe March 26, 2024

Seniors are buying their caps and gowns at the NMU Bookstore during the grad fair, and while this is an exciting time, it is laced with the dread of uncertainty.  Some of us are not concerned about...

Editorial — Banning TikTok?

Editorial — Banning TikTok?

North Wind Editorial Board March 22, 2024

On March 13, the House of Representatives experienced some of the quickest agreement they’ve had in years: the vote to ban TikTok in the U.S. unless ByteDance, the parent company of the app, sells their...

Opinion — Its okay to give up

Opinion — It’s okay to give up

Megan Voorhees March 22, 2024

Growing up, I was always told “Megan don’t give up! Just keep trying and you'll get there!” Perhaps this simple saying worked with tasks like learning how to tie my shoes or even riding a bicycle,...

SKYLINE — Though the hike was tough, the view was worth the battle.

Opinion — I should have worn different shoes: hiking Hogback Mountain

Megan Poe March 21, 2024

Don’t say I never sacrificed for student journalism, because I have sapling punctures up and down my legs that prove otherwise. Last weekend, I booked out the entire day to embark on a typical outdoor...

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