Letters to the Editor – November 4, 2010


Thanks Make a Difference Day volunteers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the student volunteers who went around our community and helped the elderly rake their leaves this fall.

I had the pleasure of witnessing these individuals at work in my neighborhood.  There are several widows and elderly individuals who benefited from this act of kindness.

The workers all seemed to be happy and having a good time and certainly provided a much needed service.  Many hands make for light work and it was amazing how quickly they did their job and moved on to the next home.

A day or so later, I noticed some students at my neighbor’s home again, and called her as it was kind of late in the evening.  She said that one of the female students had lost her cell phone while raking leaves at one of the homes.  We don’t know if she ever found her phone, but hoped her act of kindness would be repaid and that she located it.

Again, thank you to all the students that took part in this effort, you did a great service for these individuals and our community.

Michael P. Quayle

Independent Candidate