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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

Obama did not make the nation any better

I was 18 years old when it came time to vote for Bush’s successor to the throne, so I could’ve voted.  I followed the election media frenzy. Still, I did not vote because I had the notion that no matter who won, the U.S. corporate state of war would continue. I didn’t want to give any of that my vote of approval.

By corporate state of war, I’ve defined three categories: Corporate meaning national economics, the money trail of power in America.  State refers to the functions of government that include surveillance and secrecy.  War is the insane aggression the U.S. perpetuates around the globe to both humans and animals.

Recently, my predictions were affirmed by a simple website called “WhatInTheF***HasObamaD”  What the man on the iconic poster promising hope has done in the most powerful office in history is no different from his idiot predecessor.  The system is destructive, flawed and corrupt. The information following is on the site.

The bailout of the organized gangsters on Wall Street revealed Obama’s intention to continue acting as an enabler to the criminal partners.  The function of plutocrats is to run a government, enter the swinging door: politicians and executives switch roles when convenient.  Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, was living in a JPMorgan-Chase executive’s house rent free while the bailout progressed.  The Monsanto public policy director works for the FDA. The appointees have histories with and interests for companies that will look after them later.

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During the Bush years, the independent media sources on the left were in awe of what the executive branch pushed through as Homeland Security.  The Patriot Act is another move to intimidate dissidents through FBI investigations and accusations of terrorism when protest is direct.  But groups like the Rainforest Action Network and local peace collectives are being monitored by the FBI under the current administration.  Obama came into office promising change, but if any change has come at all it’s for the worse in regards to transparency under the Freedom of Information Act.  The Obama administration has cited more exemptions to inquiries than Bush and his buddies.  They’re cracking down and keeping quiet.

Finally, no organized crime is without violence.  For the current executive branch of the U.S., the list is long.  150 other countries have signed a land mine ban because of their tendency to harm civilians in war zones, but not Team Obama.  The trigger-happy mercenaries of Blackwater still receive a check from Washington and remote controlled airplanes drop bombs in “self-defense,” while a report says that one in three killed by these predator drones are civilians.  With regards to the war against the earth, Obama continues the Bush tradition of limiting the power of the Endangered Species Act and Environmental Protection Agency so as to not to curb pollution from industries.  In alternative energies, Obama loaned over eight billion to build two radiated power plants.  There is nothing sustainable about uranium mining, toxic waste and the threat of nuclear disaster.  Everything is still ridiculous.

There’s more, but mainly the government dines with the capitalists while the populous and planet front the bill.

In talks with my family, we came to an understanding that they would vote for president and I wouldn’t.  I recalled a slogan that read, “If it’s humiliating to be ruled, how much more humiliating to choose the ruler.”  That satisfied my romantic notions to resist the vote, but the news on what still goes on sustained my other reason: Obama won’t change much to make the U.S. more just, peaceful, or sustainable.  Obama can’t change things because their inherent in the system.  As a global empire, the U.S. will uphold a powerful structure of government by any means necessary.

I regret not voting in the recent Michigan election. That is closer to where change will sprout from.  Not the state government, but local involvement in sustainable and peaceful living choices.  As for changing the empire we live in, Gandhi may suggest being the change I want to see, but I can’t be the change of the use of predator drones or industrial pollution which is frustrating, but knowledgeable communities with honest representatives could pass legislation to stop these things.  That’s unlikely, and that is why I am an anti-authoritarian, or more commonly known as an anarchist. Now time to drop out, tune in and smash the industrial state.

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