ASNMU Update: Many representatives present new ideas and projects

Elizabeth Bailey

Over the break the ASNMU was asked to come up with things to work on this semester as well as flesh out things that were already being worked on.

According to Chris Kovala, ASNMU graduate studies representative, the bike-share program is finally ready. With just a few minor things needed to keep up with bike repair. Next week he plans to have a budget request to obtain the money needed for some more equipment- chain breakers, tubes, and more safety equipment all of which should cost no more than $150.

“Now we just have to wait until there is some nice weather and we’ll be ready to rock,” Kovala said. “If all the snow melted tomorrow we could have the program up and running.”

Off-campus representative Robin Feuerman suggested her plan to work with Students for Sustainable Living, to get recycling bins much like the ones in the dorms for the on campus apartments.

“By putting recycling bins in every apartment, it would be that extra incentive,” Feuerman said.

One of down-campus representatives, Alex Perry’s, concerns is with ASNMU’s publicity. He proposed holding some sort of event in the lobby of the dorms that could possibly attract new members. Especially since over the break ASNMU lost four members.

Adam Papin, up campus representative suggested that ASNMU get involved in the community by doing some sort of service project, whether it is on or off campus. Some of the ideas that came up were shoveling elderly people’s driveways and sidewalks.

According to Papin, by doing service projects it will get ASNMU’s name out there and possibly gain more members.

The academic affairs chair position was up for grabs at this weeks meeting, the board unanimously voted for Troy Morris, art and sciences representative, to take the spot.